Lets talk - (anything)



Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 applies here. What’s new with you?

You and I are gettin’ close to friending-up to best friend status pretty soon.


I started building gundam models needed a new hobby I like it so far I just ordered 2 real grade kits


Glad you enjoy it. Seems not quite cheap, as hobbies go.


Yea it is but that look cool as hell when thay are done I’ll post picks later


My senior trainer’s been level 40 for awhile, and my junior trainer (started when the senior one hit 40) is poised to reach it, either today or tomorrow.

I’m psyched. And now mulling whether to start another new trainer when that happens.


Long live the comment-edit feature. :grimacing:


Should be playing codm :eyes:


Ok, I’ll bite – what’s codm?




Excellent. Thanks.


Made it during the raid hour today! On the last of 6 raids.


I still can’t download cod


Bought Mega Man 11 today. I should probably stop buying games and start playing more. lol


Chrales has been busy again:


Orientation matters? The ‘old’ and ‘new’ N unown looks essentially the same to me.


Me 2


I’m thinking about getting the new cod (mw) on PS4


I have a ps4 that don’t get no use no more can’t find any good games


Mail it to me


What actually works against grunts with Dratini / Dratini / Dragonite?

Guides here and elsewhere seem to indicate Mamoswine, and if the Dragonite is weather-boosted, my best Fairy. But each Mamoswine does nothing more than one Dratini (fainting the first attack after they beat one Dratini), leaving my third mon to handle the Dragonite by itself. And nothing I tried seems to come even close – Mamoswine, Rayquaza, Gardevoir, Ice Mewtwo … they all get destroyed in so little time it’s almost demoralizing.