Lets talk - (anything)



Yep lol


No, it was clean before. All I had marked as 100 is still in this group.


Its a shame this isnt real, I really wanted that kecleon.


Where did the Area 51 joke came from?


Facebook group “storm area 51 they cant get us all”



Never it’s a good idea to storm a military area.

Allways there could be somebody with a nervous finger…



They are warned, but probably crying about the violence when they get shot.


Love the art work, @5GodLink @Autofan1985 and @Jormdeworm!

A stunt like storming Area 51 would be askin’ for trouble.


@NotanotherKangaskhan congrats


Were I not tired of raiding Armored Mewtwo from yesterday’s dinner-hour raids, I might be tempted to hastily organize a breakfast-hour raid train.


Hello everyone, next week i may not be able to got go to forum. (Sat june 20th to sat june 27th), or at least be on the forum a lot less.


What did I do?


You are a leader!
(Press on image to see whole image)


I would probably build a ton of killdozers (the one from the infamous story of Marvin Heemeyer) then add on more modifications, like grenade launchers. LMAO


That idea is neither particularly funny nor at all feasible, and the story would almost certainly end in a manner very similar to the way his story did.


! Team Rocket


Me right now.



Hell yea been ready for this


When will these actually be in game.
I wonder if my kids acct will be excluded from this too?