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Your birthday is coming up


How do you look at that


Nevermind I found it yours is on the 3rd


My gohub anniversary is in 11 days. I Will be 1 year on the gohub then. Only missed 15 days lol


I will be 1 year in 14 days


Mine is March 16th


Literally half of the people active now joined in spring 2018 lol


Where can you see your start date?


in your profile
yours is July 7


Thanks, had to “expand”… :man_facepalming:


Eh wow, mist just 4 days so far. Seems like i’m addicted :thinking:


I’ve missed 195


Just noticed, I don’t see any of the 4 spoofer accounts I reported last week. I know he must have had a warning from Niantic. Becauce since my report he is in max 2 gyms, not kicking you out as soon. I even have his favorite EX gym for more than a day. That never happend.

I’m so happy Niantic did something :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I’ll be 2 in May.


So you’re the oldest so far


Good to see.
It’s unlikely any action was from your report alone but yours may have been one of many complaints from others as well for it to be looked at and action taken.


Just had mine on Sunday


My report was detailed and I added screenshots with a timecode. I noticed a behavioral change in less then 48 hour. He/she is currently in just one Gym (as far as I can see. I think that one is close to his/her home. Currently I am in a notorious Mystic gym he/she was always in for +3 days. There is one other account I suspect is a Spoofer. But I have no proof yet. He/she never entered in my presence.


Been playing another game it had a lunar festival event ranking tournament🙃came in 29th. Not to shabby seeing as most top 50 are full level🤷🏾‍♂️ and i just had started few days before event

I am back to PokemonGo now. :sweat_smile:time to catch em all!


Catch em all get me my shinies lol