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Something different… in the last three days I caught 8 Dittos. Was there anything special in this direction or am I falling from one hole to the next?


Ditto on the Dittos … you aren’t the only one seeing more of them this week. Not sure what it means, but all they are to me is something that takes more throws to catch, anyway.

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I think the Dittos started with the Home event.

@celery I have the death sentence on 12 systems.


With raid invitations and remote passes, theoretically raiding regionals should be possible. I plan to invite my overseas friends from the Hub to Azelf raids next week. I’d love to get invited to some Uxie and Mesprit raids, having made several Best Friends with trainers in those regions. @Coldinu, @Christiger, @BertUtrecht, @Bernr1, @AuntyJanBoylan, @ajaxsterdam, @Princess987321 are all lucky friends already – some cross-regional raids could make us even luckier. (Funny how NONE of them has the same name in the Hub, though…) I’ve got 10 more to look up; but I’ll try to connect with some of you who were my first game friends.

We also have a sort of unofficial discord some of us post on that will be good in setting up those Lake Trio raids.


I’ve been busy hacking switches and playing modded pokemon games. I think it’s my time to return to Go


Welcome back @5GodLink!


It is taking logner than i anticipated; mainly because of the redo of one of my exams this week. We’ll share the article in the #lounge category (only accessible for people with trust level 3 (regular) and up)

I can work on it this Friday if it is still needed by then.