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would recommend theatre. i enjoyed it.


Ok I mite have to check it out


Will you join Team rocket day?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Next time, Not this time
  • I will decide later
  • Not sure

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If you do not know what it is:


Just watched glass movie it was good


We need Jessie for the Team Rocket Days.

  • I want to be Jessie!
  • No, thank you.
  • I’ll be Jessie only if I get that challenge.
  • I have an idea who could be ideal Jessie (write in the comments).

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I will change my Avatar for Team Rocket Day, but that is about it.


You won’t post anything, give a like, complete a mission for Giovanni, pick a challenge and do other fun stuff during Team Rocket Days? But why? You’ll be missing out all the fun.


No, I’m only talking about changing my Avatar for Team Rocket Day. Not Starter week or whatever. I just had to go fish Wobuffet out of my picture files. I’ll do all that other stuff.


Good to hear that!


@Alaskabear41 change profile for a while
@VanHooIII Voted he will be on a poll I made


I really hope we’re gonna have Jessie with us for Team Rocket Days. We need to do our motto together with @Pokemon as James.


And I can say mime at the end!


And @bobbyjack8 can say Wobbuffet!



Post that on the TRD thread tomorrow


I post other ones. There are plenty. When does it start?


In a few hours.


Does anyone know what’s the best phone to play Pokemon go on


I play on Sony Xperia Z5.


I didn’t know Sony still made phones I used to have Sony Ericsson like 8 years ago