Let's (do something) (Pokemon name)


This is a place to make names for new Pokemon games (not that it will actually be released, just for fun) similar to Let’s go Eevee Let’s go Pikachu.
You don’t use Let’s go (to do that you can go here: Future names for Let’s GO games), you can say things like let’s sleep Snorlax or let’s dance Ludicolo

This idea is based on @iLikeCastform’s topic


@alex9945’s idea but I’d like to expand on it.
Lets Surf Lapras would kind of start like lets go, but you get a lapras.
It takes place in a new region.
The entire game you are on lapras, catching pokemon, completing missions, battling, and surfing deeper into the story, which would involve at the end lapras mega evolving/ evolving.


@UltraInstinct841 what do you think?


It’s a good idea!


Thank you!


K so this is named for future pokemon games without Let’s GO (pokemon) in the title but one is only future games with Let’s GO (pokemon) titles.


Let’s Be Worthless, Shuckle!


From me: Lets sleep slaking
Lets sleep snorlax
Lets evolve eevee
Lets transform ditto
Lets dance ludicolo

From @alex9945
Lets surf lapras
Lets cough koffing

From @Ryan21
Lets munch muchlax

From @Pokemon
Lets teleport abra

From @bobbyjack8
Lets go be be my buddy for 20 km feebas


Let’s Pass Gas, Koffing!


Contemos en Español articUNO zapDOS y molTRES

Translation let’s count in Spanish articuno zaps and moltres


Let’s Kill People that get Lost in the Desert, Cacnea!


Let’s Eat Children’s Dreams through thier Nose, Drowzee!


Let’s dig Diglett


Let’s mime mime jr.


Let’s not pay attention to what misty tells you to do Psyduck!


Let’s Go Abduct Children, Drifloon!


Let’s not evolve Pikachu!


Let’s Go End the World, Yvetal!


Let’s Box Machamp!


Lets block the road snorlax