Future names for Let's GO games



This is a Forum for future “starters” for the future Let’s GO games, a lot of people are saying for gen 2 Togepi and Marill for example. Share your ideas for future “starter” Pokemon!

Let's (do something) (Pokemon name)

Let’s go Meowth
Let’s go Psyduck


Let’s go Lapras


Let’s sleep Snorlax
Let’s sleep Slaking


Let’s surf Lapras


Let’s evolve Eevee


Let’s cough koffing


Let’s GO Castform


Let’s transform ditto


Let’s Go Gogoat … :wink:


Let’s Munch Munchlax


Let’s dance Ludicolo


Lets teleport Abra


Let’s go pidgey
Let’s go rattata


Not “Let’s Dance Ludicolo” or “Let’s Transform Ditto”, I mean "Let’s GO (pokemon name here), stop doing that or I will ask a mod to close this discussion, this is NOT a chat channel, you just put in “Let’s GO” then a pokemon name. Respect the rules of this topic.


Is mine ok




What’s the point of another name, is it just marketing?
No one answered the question I asked about what the difference between Lets Go Eevee and Lets Go Pikachu in another thread?


You’re going off the assumption that they are going to keep the Let’s Go title. They might change it (even if it’s unlikely that they will) or there might not even be another Let’s Go title. @NotanotherKangaskhan the difference between LGP and LGE is which Pokémon is your partner Pokémon (aka Pikachu or Eevee) and version exclusives


Version Exclusives?
Tell me more? I have not Played any other Pokemon Game before Pokemon Go so I have no prior knowledge if there are similarities.