Legendary Dog Pics


Calcy IV it’s called I believe


Alright thanks, @Cirithungolem and @NotanotherKangaskhan for telling me about the calculators


The other pics are fine. I’m not posting Raikou cause I think he’s about the dumbest looking legendary.


The story is the third movie, and an episode in the series. Interesting.

The “tower” honouring Ho-Oh was attacked and burned to the ground. All that wasn’t destroyed was the bells. 3 Pokémon didn’t make it out and were burned alive. Ho-Oh choose to save them and turned them into the beasts.

Ho-oh doesn’t want to show himself to anyone and until humans and Pokémon reach that super-duper kumbiya balance. The dogs are supposed to watch us and see if that’s happened.


I have 3 Raikous, 1894, 1888, 1839. I can’t show them right now because I don’t have their picks on my computer.


My closet encouter with an Entei, didn’t catch it…


I’ve tried nearly 7 raids to capture my first Lugia.


Game freak idea for gen 2 legendaries:

The CEOs daughters 3rd birthday. Three dogs faces. A bunch of different colored shapes and an Elmer’s glue stick.

Have fun. We’re selling it.


One of the last of 11 Raikou I caught a week before the change.

Did my first Entie Raid today with regular crew. This has be the easiest of the 3 Beasts by far. With 6 of us all 3 we day had around 90sec left on the clock. The others 2 we were around 40-60sec left.


My Suicune was caught, almost %100 IV (Like 97 or 94, I forget which)


CWith Entie so easy to beat with our crew of 6 the other day compared to Suicune and Raikou I thought I would give it a go myself using the Families 4 accounts. I successfully managed to take down Entie playing the families 4 devices on my own with 30sec to spare. I decided to repeat the exercise and was able to replicate it another 4 times all ranging between 30and 45sec to spare.
While I don’t have to rely on others now to Raid Entie this does not help with the shafting I’m getting with capture rate. Stated off at 3/3 with no good IV’s.
Now sitting on 6/15. Only upside is one of those 3 new ones in the last 2 days is a 100%.


Full set of legendary beasts.


Finally got enough Rares to finish powering my 98% Raikou to the max.
I’ve used this in a few battles along the way powering it up. It’s nice to have a very good Electric Pokemon finally (Jolteon was disappointing for me, not enough HP). I like it a lot and would like to do the same to my 93% but I have a 100% Entie that’s screaming feed me :grinning:


Got this 98% ENTEI today. Will go nicely alongside the 100% one. Going to need a lot of Candy and Dust to do both.


After some small improvement in catch rates Entei’s gone back to kicking me in the nuts again.
Sunday I had a 1924CP use up all 12 Balls and run. Gold Razz used every time, all Curve Great Throw apart from the 2 missed when dog jumps.
Monday 1 throw away runner that I only chucked other Berries at not to waste Golds and Phone shut down due to temp with 50sec left to go in battle for a 2nd one for the day. Pass wasted.
Same again today with a 1914CP using all 12 and running. All Gold Raz and Great curves with 2 Excellent and 3 missed for jumps this time.
Now on 21/38 at 55.3% for Entei


I got 1 entei in first rotation but honestly don’t really like the raids you can’t do in small groups because … well I can’t do them without going to the city which I rarely do. Wanting a challenge system before I get the other 2.


The last 6 Entie Raids I did went poorly with a couple more 90%IV doing the ball gooble and disappearing.
End result was a disappointing 24/45 which included a 98% and 96% running off after using the full counts.
3 more Power Ups to go and the 100% will be maxed out, need more Candy.


Now the Beast have finished their tip around the world here’s the collection of others kept also.
Suicune was a big disappointment in that 12/24 I couldn’t get one in the 90% IV range. In fact I only saw one greater than 1600CP out of all 24 encounters. Good thing its not a good useful one and that Vaporeon is still better.
Very happy with Thunder Shock/Wild Charge Raikous as fighters.


I only kept 3 of each from both Gens - figure if i need a full
Squad of any of the types I can use 3 of each from each Gen so far.


I wasn’t sure where to draw the in how many to keep? My gut feel was 6 but have left it at 9 for now waiting to see if they have any real use as first pick front line battlers. At this stage there doesn’t seem much point in keeping as many as I have but I will wait for Gen 3 to be be released for awhile before culling the herd back to either 6 or 3 like you’ve done.
I do like 6 as it’s the full battle squad number if really needed.