Legendary Dog Pics


Just a thread to almost show off your new beasts.





Thanks, it was a good read! A little sad, that they all died but they’re back now, so it’s ok.



Suicune my favourite out of the trio, but he only comes to Europe in November.


I’ve just got 1 Suicune. Hopefully Entei will be the next in HK.


Becareful when you’re using IV checker.


That IV checker is PokeGenie, and it uses screenshots of the Pokémon. It doesn’t go into the app in any way, so it’s safe.



I would like to see who has got a Raikou.


I think most players here are based in Europe/Asia.


Just similar to us? Then where are you guys come from?


Does anybody know an IV checker like Pokégenie for apple devices


Is there any movie about this story ?


M03: (Spell of the Unown: Entei)
PG06: The Reawakening
Pokemon Chronicles: The legend of Thunder!


Poke Genie is on iOS or are you after an alternative one?
I can’t help with alternative as Genie works so well and doesn’t plug directly into the game so I have no need to try anything else.



Oh thanks @Law2010 that’s a great news.


Oh thanks, I met some guy that said that the IV checker he uses is only on android and it does it from like a thing on the side of the screen automatically.