Legendaries in gyms


I wasn’t able to read the whole thread properly, but, yes I think it should be allowed to put legendaries into every gym: the account(s) that has/have defeated the gym should be allowed. (This would also encourage people to take down a gym instead of just adding Pokémon to gyms others have taken down)
I’m not sure if this is the right approach, since attacking can be done simultanousely, but speaking personally I’ve never seen more than 2 people at the time doing it, so it could still be a first come first served approach.


I was giving this Legendaries in Gyms some more thought when doing a mundane task at work tonight.
I’d like to see 1 Ledgendary allowed to sit at the top of a Gym with the other 6 spots below for all the current ones we can put in. That spot at the top could be reserved for the person that took over the Gym so they are allowed to put the Legendary and a non Legendary in.
The reason for the 1 Lengendary is to bring back training for IV improvement. To improve your Pokemons IV you train against the Legendaries that sit at the top of a Gym to accumulate IV improvement points.


But theres no reason not to have more than 1 since this way, only Lugia actually gets some reasoning to power up
Regi, Suicune, all of them would remain terrible


Would you have the Gym layered e.g XX number of Legendaries and XX non Legendary below or, open mixed Gym, or Legenday only and non Legenadry only Gyms?


what we have right now but with legendaries, makes no sense to segregate them

“A Pokémon, even if revered as a deity, is still just a Pokemon” - the guy that sweeps your team even if you have Reshiram/Zekrom


1st step to the revolution!


even if this was allowed, gyms are still way too easy to defeat. we need a new gym system that’s way more challenging (AND REWARDING)


Legendaries in gym more challenging than rn. So baby steps🤷🏾‍♂️


You pay 50 Pokecoins to put a legendary in a gym
You get free 10 poke coins for defeating a legendary
You get 10 extra Pokecoins when your legendary is defeated

this is my idea


I also think we should make defeating gyms harder


It takes me 3 weeks to get 50 coins lots of people won’t do that


I love tearing up Gyms that have that Trainer name in it after seeing a Video of him and Chelsea shaving Pokémon out of Gyms and putting things in so he could see them in his collection if he didn’t have it. (He’s from the same city as me and plays mostly in suburbs adjacent to where I mostly play)


You’ve knocked him out? Cool!


That youtuber put RC and evolve to get that.


I haven’t knocked that particular Pokémon out. I just like knocking that Trainer out if I see him in Gyms.