Larvitar confirmed for June CD: Your opinions?



Larvitar is the sixth CD and will take place in June.


But a small question now: What do YOU think about it?
Personally I’m happy because I don’t have caught many Larvitars. Now I can finally add up some new Tyranitars.

I also think it’s featured move will be Smack Down because it’s recently added, but I don’t really know.
What do you think?

Community Day 6 Pokemon Confirmed; and It's Larvitar. Discussion

It’s a good choose, but the Shiny-version of Machamp is (visually) much better than the one of Tyranitar.

Meta has won over aesthetic… :smiley:


Yes, Hulk lol.


The players in my area who are level 40 or very near it have discussed this and we do NOT like it. We have played since day 1 when there weren’t any raids, no double XP events, no eggs … etc. to make it so easy to level up. We played everyday just grinding along and it took a long time for us to get T-tars, so Niantic giving it away is not right! Niantic has done nothing for the players who have put in so many hours playing and now they’re giving everything away way too easily. T-tar on community day is the final straw


just depends on the people, for the most part the lvl 40 players or near lvl 40 are fine with T-Tar being the community day Pokémon. I mean yes it does sting a little, it took some of us a somewhat long time to get a Ttar (me) and yes most of us have played since day one and worked hard. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that newer players haven’t worked hard to get to a certain lvl or obtain a certain Pokémon.


i’m very satisfied.


Yes lads let’s go


I’m curious what do you want? I understand your logic but that leaves me wondering what you could possibly want out of events


I can see where your coming from, but what’s the problem with getting everyone a few ahead? You guys can still be ahead, but now people aren’t missing out.

In my opinion as a rural player who struggles to beat legendaries I am excited for this as a way to improve counters.

If everyone gets 3 tyranitars on the day, and you have 3 already, then your still 3 ahead


If it really gets Smack Down it might very well be the best Stone type attacker. I have 1 96% 15 atk larvitar, so i would need 5 more for a full team. So im ok with this.


The shiny is kind of boring, but it’s definitely very meta relevant

Hope I’m able to play that day


YES. I love it


I don’t care too much about the Shiny, but I’d like to add about 2-3 more decent TTars to my Raid squad.


I could use some Larvitar candy… and shinies? I take any shiny I can get, so, why not? If it’s something nice to put in a gym - like T-Tar is - even better.
I guess the IVs will suck again on community day, so when evolving I’ll probalby have to rely on the mons I already have.

But personally speaking I’m most looking forward to the 3x catching XP… :smile:


I like tyranitar but this is the best shiny22fbae8df0926cd8cf7d905edf7b3f0bc471a9ec_hq


Will have to evolve some of these.


Somebody’s very true here, very true.


Yes, every…



you are definitely A LOT better prepared than me :disappointed_relieved:


Besides, just because you played PoGo first before doesn’t mean you are entitled to that. It’s not their fault that you played before them. Just saying, no hate.