Kyogre and Groudon return


GTK! Thanks for the info. I hope you get the shinys that you’re after & props on all the successful raids so far!


Shinies are normally a guaranteed catch, but it is glitchy. I had a shiny Articuno flee. I’ve had shiny Gengar take 3 balls to catch and I had a shiny kyogre jump out if the ball 2 times before he stayed in home.

I may just be extremely unlucky but I have witnesses who watched.


If you go to far from the gym its not guaranteed anymore. Also doesnt count for everything. Legendarys and Raid days are guaranteed, as long as you stay at the gym.


Did 2 more Lizards today. Both not Shiny and junk IV.
Going out early for a session tomorrow. Will be more interested in Sushi as I really want something bigger than the 2x 93% I have.
I’m 34/62 on Kyogre and none of those missed have been great CP to be better than the 93%. Can’t get good ones and can’t catch em either :confounded:


Got 13 more done today. Was hoping for mostly Kyogre but it didn’t work out that way with only 4 Kyogre all in the first 6 Raids in the morning. From then on it was all Groudon.
4/4 on Kyogre and 9/9 on Groudon all junk IV and none Shiny.

Best results for the 2 weeks:
2x Shiny both low IV
Best IV 91% 14attack and 91% 15attack

3x Shiny best one 93% 13attack
Best IV’s 98% 14attack, 1x 93% 15attack and 2x 91% 15attack


Team rocket just stole all of them
Next we will steal palkia

Team Rocket Day

I know it’s a little late to talk about this, but when it comes to Kyogre, it’s all about timing. I have a 37 out of 47 catch rate for Kyogre, and that’s because I got the throws down to a science as well as have a phone screen perfect for such throws (iPhone 8 Plus).

I’ve found that waiting until it attacks in the middle of the screen. Wind up the throw while Kyogre is attacking, and throw hard as Kyogre’s head dips all the way down during the attack animation. The ball should land in the Great Throw circle. Only times I’ve missed was either throwing too late or my finger slipped.

This only works after Kyogre’s distance was adjusted soon after its original introduction. During the Water Festival and the Hoenn Celebration, I’ve only failed to catch two Kyogre, out of 33 attempts.