Kyogre and Groudon return


I just happen to catch a Kyogre raid in a local mall… Unfortunately I just landed 5 out of 9 of the balls and therefore not catching the blue flying whale. Just lost that first and only chance… :sweat:


Got 4 each of Kyogre and Groudon. I’m all good, but I’ll still try to get a shiny.


Did 2 more Kyogre after Raiding a couple of Ex Gyms to help a friend try get her first Shiny Groudon. She 0/26 this event now :disappointed:.
Got the big IV that’s been eluding me.


I know Kyogre is difficult to catch but 0/26? Or is that shiny rate?


He is pretty annoying to catch. I’m at 25%.


I’ve don’t 9 and got 5


I thought earlier today I had 4, but I only got 3. Guess I need to go get one more.


I want at least a team of each


I don’t have enough Pokémon storage to keep a team of each.


Yeah no i think i misread. Thats the shiny Groudon rate.


Would be nice if my 4th Kyogre ends up being purple.


He’s the only one I need shiny I got a shiny Groudon


My son has Shiny Groudon. And Ho-oh. Not me though.


My brother got shiny Lugia for 7 Day reward


We got a Shiny Kyogre with my daugther’s account with just 2 throws… What a Luck!


That’s the Shiny rate.


Shiny are a gaurenteed catch catch so remember to Pinap them. Only way to not catch it is to miss with every single throw.


Still no shiny Groudon in sight


Got out today and got 12 done with 10 of them on Non Gold Gyms. No great IV and no Shiny today.
Went 6/7 on Kyogre and 4/5 on Groudon.


Groudon is pretty dope! I was lucky enough to catch the only one I have (so far) on my 1st throw *silver pinap & curveball prolly helped:) Going to try for Kyogre this weekend!