Kyogre and Groudon return


Excited? this 3rd time for Kyorge and 2nd for groudon. No rayquaza in sight, but maybe after the raid war between these two we’ll see Ray appear(shiny form)

  • Team groudon
  • Team kyorge
  • Team Rayquaza

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For a second, I thought you were pulling my leg because I found no announcement yet. I had to go to their Twitter to find it.

I already have a perfect Groudon, and a 96% Kyogre, so I’m already well set. However, I look forward to trying out new battle teams against them. I suffered against Kyogre, but this time, it will be different.


5God never lies.


BREAKING NEWS: Increased Sightings Of Pokémon GO Players Due To Kyogre And Groundon Raids!


What I’m the most annoyed about is that I had to level up FOUR Pokemon to have squads ready for Groudon and Kyogre. These Pokemon are no joke, so having leveled up Pokemon is almost a requirement.


I have a 100% Groudon and Kyogre so yeah, i kinda need to do some more Rayquaza. But im aiming for a (good) shiny Groudon this run. It will make a nice addition to my team.


I am hoping they do Rayquaza alone. Which is actually better than all 3 of them together. Waiting for an egg and it not being Ray would be very disappointing.


Three maxed out Kyogre here, hoping for a fantastic shiny


I’m honestly hoping to not get a better Kyogre. I have more prospects to give Rare Candy to. I’ll still help with the raids, because Kyogre is a beast. That being said, candy for either one will be great because they’re candidates for some great second Charge moves.


Bitter sweet announcement for me with theses 2 returning.
I want to improve my list of both as I have not done great on Groudon and much worse on Kyogre. No Raid Boss has frustrated me as much as Kyogre with not being able to get any great IV and the poor catch rate of the junk ones that I did get.
The biggest issue with the return is it’s stinking hot here atm as we are constantly having over 35 degree days and right now we are going into an expected week of over 40 degree days. No one is out Raiding in this and even if I did find a few crazies to join up with I’m out as the Car’s duel zone climate control has stuffed up and the drivers side is blowing 24-26 degrees making it impossible to keep my iPhone from shutting down with temp warning.


ill take all the heat for Canada.




Gonna focus exclusively on Groudon.

  1. It’s shiny, and I already have pink whale
  2. My best one is a 89%

Shiny groudon confirmed?!

I need a 100IV Shiny Kyogre though


The better question is: Who doesn’t? :wink:


I mean, I already have 3 maxed out, but I really want that black Kyogre


black kyorge? you mean Black rayqauaza? :crazy_face:




never seen that before. I’ll also take a handful of those.


I got a regular Groudon tonight, but my son got a Shiny.