Isn't PvP coming in 2018? (YES. QUESTION ANSWERED.)


Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t there an official post by Niantic that said PvP will be arriving to Pokémon Go this year?

I specifically remember reading about it and now I fear it was a dream. With the Harry Potter game coming I’d assume that they would need a major update for the game since there will have to be something major coming this summer after the arrival of legendaries.


We need trading too this year, it was in the first trailer too!


Yep. I also remember that in Niantic’s announcment of Halloween Gen 3 mons’ they said that they will plan to release PvP in 2018.


PvP has been announced and will be in game this year, which could mean christmas 2018…

Trading however, please not. Trading in the videogames is needed for evolving certain pokemon and getting otherwise unobtainable mons from the other games.
Both reasons are not applicable for PoGo. We can evolve them all and we can catch them all (providing some traveling). It only requires time (and money).
So, there is no need for trading.

Also, trading would make the game less interesting for many players, just trading their way up, but not playing. Not playing = less money earned by Niantic.

To sum it up: i don’t expect trading to ever come to poGo. Pvp, yes, it was announced for this year. Prediction: 2nd quarter of this year.


In the interview, John Hanke admittedly claimed that a brand new battle system will arrive in 2018, which is likely to be PvP. Moreover, Pokemon GO was in its 10% development. If counting weather system and partly Gen 3, I think it’s 15%. Just keep in mind Trading wasn’t mentioned in the interview.


trading isnt coming till they fix the spoofing shit


Spoofing doesn’t matter really, because they have everything already. If anything, it kinda benefits everyone else in a weird way because we just trade with them to get stuff.


Spoofing isnt a problem, its a poor excuse


I think a limited trading could work and would be fun. Maybe you have to be within Bluetooth range and can only trade with members of your own team.


I predict that we’ll see it for the 2nd half. With HarryWu set to drop during the 2nd half of the year it’d be foolish of them to release a huge Pokémon Go update so close with another game’s debut. Or maybe they will wait until the 2nd half of the year and give both a 3 month window.


Thank you for this. Now I just hope we get it by summer time.


Actually I’d rather have shadows than trade with a spoofer.


I totally agree with this post.


By shadows, do you mean just not to have those Pokémon in your collection altogether?


Spoofing won’t affect trading if they just use Bluetooth to do it.


That’s an interesting idea. I’m not tech savvy enough to know if that’s possible or not?


Personally, I think PvP won’t come this year, but I really think Trading will be this year.


They Said in the interview PvP is coming This Year. Please read before replying


I said personally though, I even said “I think”. It’s just an opinion. The fact is that they said it. Until they release it this year, they can always push the release date. I personally think that PvP is not coming this year.


The worst excuse. Ban them all.