Isn't PvP coming in 2018? (YES. QUESTION ANSWERED.)


Then Everyone is angry and Thats not wat they want


Which is why things will never get better.


If they release PvP this year with the same basic concept as the battling system in gyms and raids, with the tap and swipe, then it’s not worth it. I personally want it pushed to a later date so they can have a longer time to plan on how they’ll improve the battle system first before they even touch on the subject of PvP. If they already have a good plan for PvP this year, then I’ll be satisfied.


It won’t be tap and swipe. It just wouldn’t work. All I can think of is each trainer dodging and spam attacking like crazy. Wouldn’t work.


You get one free trade per day by going to a trade station. These can be spun like pokestops but will give you an item that allows trading. Both players must use a trade pass to trade. Premium trade passes can be bought in the store for 100 coins.


not till they take care of spoofers nothing is gonna happen till then


How do spoofers influence it in any way?


I don’t give a fly about PvP. Seriously, it’ll be at the top of my wishlist for things that should be removed from the game once they add it.
For trading, I see some opportunity. Visit another continent, and instead of buying your friends some overpriced throw-away souvenirs, bring them a region exclusive. Got a friend who had Groudon escape from every single ball he threw, including his spin-effect golden razzberry excellent throws? Just pass him one or two of the dozen you caught. You might actually benefit from that in future raids because of the increased DPS of the raidgroup as a whole!

And while it might seem like giving a bonus to spoofers, since they already have plenty of all regionals, they’ll actually find their market decreasing rapidly, and also notice they’re no longer the special snowflakes they think they are.


Trading was shown in the original video. We thought pvp and trading were coming in 2017 because of Niantic mentioning it. DId it come, no.


But did the trailer say its coming in 2017?


By depreciating the value of what they catch. Spoofing gives you the ability to he anywhere and that’s just not how things work in this game.


And it shouldn’t. Too many people have ruines the game alreadym trading would make things worse.


No it did not and for now until they are able to regulate cheating we probably won’t ever see it.


Oh, god forbid some people can have Mons I will never get, better hold off trading before spoofing gets erased!


They could do trading. Perhaps they’ll release clamperl with it too


What exactly is not good about the game atm?

I believe the game to be flourishing, even tho it will never reach prime 2016 gameplay. Getting rid of 98% player base wont make game better.

Adding features and fixing lag also adding features? and fixing lag. Will make the game better.


I don’t know if for trading to work spoofing needs to be completely under control. If you know who you are trading with, then the people who want to play legitimately will still play legitimately. As long as there’s no Wonder Trade type of stuff, trading should be perfectly safe.


If you trade with a spoofer to get new Pokemon you’re no better


And you arent “better” if you dont trade with them either, just ket people play the game the way the like, if they want to play 100% legit they wont trade with a spoofer anyways


This is why we can’t have good things in life. If you over look the BS. This game would be amazing. runs before someone claims im defending spoofers

jk As if i need to run😂