Is there gym etiquette?


If you want to hold a Gym from attack you really need to Berry all Pokemon in the Gym. A full Gym of 6 healthy takes longer to knock down than a one that’s half black hearts.
Part of the benifit to Berrying everything is the Dust from the Berries and the Gym XP to help Gold it quicker.


exactly, i actually have a girl that always goes same gym and has similar name as me we always help each other but never met.


I usually hit my berry limit every morning on my way to work. Today my son and I hit it at same time on our way to school.


Once she sent that, I went out of my way to prove her right.


My reply would have been your a Pokémon sook


She asked a question on Discord last night. I answered it kindly but her response you feel the hate. So me and the boy just knocked her out of another gym she had.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was doing gym battles this morning with my son. The bonus for best friends is awesome. Someone kept hitting us with a gold raspberry but we were able to take it down before they could berry it again.


She is clearly a Sith in training, thinking all her anger and hate will help her defeat you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol


She asked if anyone was going to do our local gyms for Gengar day but me and the boy were already downtown and used all our passes.


Got my 100 coins today.

What do you do when you get all your coins and to lazy to catch pokemon in winter…


Sit by the fire, drink Scotch and read a good book :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Im drinking some coke next to christmas tree watching tmz. I almost did exactly what you said :man_shrugging:t5: @NotanotherKangaskhan


My favorite girl got on Discord last night to complain about only getting 7 coins. I got on my son’s phone and posted he only got 2 coins.


I couldn’t update game yesterday because I was still on iOS 9.32. Had to get my wife to download latest version of iTunes on our laptop and then hook my phone up to it to get iOS 12. So I took my son’s phone out last night to take down gyms because my phone was out of commission for like 6 hours.




time travel.


Personally, my preference is to only knock out 2-5 gyms that players have been in for at least 8.5hrs each. However if there are no gyms that match those requirements anywhere nearby, and there are multiple gyms with the same players in them, then I’ll Iknock out 2-3 of those gyms regardless of how long they have been there.

It would be great if rewards including coins were given for attacking, rather than defending, just like the original system, but with the rewards being given instantly without needing to claim and with no limit to how many you can do in a day, only the number of coins would be limited.

The reason this way would be great is because it would stop a lot of conflict that happens.


If the gym you took is on my route to work, it’s getting taken down. The only mercy I show is with a couple of local players I made a deal with. I won’t take thier gyms down on my way home, but when I leave in the morning, I’m taking them down. That way they get thier coins for the day already.


It depends, since we can only get 50 coins per day I only take 3-4 gyms.

Really wish they would increase the amount of Pokécoins we get daily :confused:


You got to take as many gems as you can