Is there gym etiquette?


I watched my neighbor take down the only gym I can see from my house. Then I messaged him on Discord that he can keep it until I go out in the morning.


they cool with that?


They have called me a bully and all that trash talk. But once I have my coins for day, I don’t kick them out of gym until next day, so they get thier coins. I thought I was being nice but it intimates them knowing I can knock them down whenever I want.


I would believe so. Telling someone “ok i got what i wanted you can do you.” seems rude as if they can’t stop you. looool.


I even just sent my neighbor a screen shot of who knocked him out of gym right before midnight. How could I be any nicer? I even message them when thier color team takes the gym if I’m not going back out. But no, I’m still a bully.


Can’t win. :man_shrugging:t5::confounded: There always will be someone who says the good guy isn’t good.


I’ve only had Insticnt complain to me. Valor never seems to care. I even have agreement with a Valor guy at the gym and he never complains.


:smirk: Valor not petty, we know we’ll get the gym back. I slacked today its already midnight and i didnt get coins, didnt put anyone out for the early birds.


Red and Blue gyms are everywhere. Yellow ones don’t last very long. But I still think it is in poor taste to start knocking gyms out after 11:30.


I think you’re being pretty fair. But in someone else’s story you’re the villain/ bully. Guess you just can’t win


Nope. So I’ll just keep on going like I have been. If you think I’m a bully, you just picked wrong team to join or took gym down at wrong time. I’ll still take your gym tonight and again in the morning if you took it back.


I already took the gyms i needed. Hopefully they can stay in for 6hours. I haven’t had any problems for a while.


When i get set on taking a gym. I dont care how long somebodys been in there. I drop only dedicated defenders. No ttars or machamp or sunkern. Defenders. I mostly go after asshats that think they gotta be in 20 gyms. Sometimes i leave them grey. Depends on how much time i have to take gyms etc. Im not an jerk. If a rival team just took a gym ill leave it alone.


They get all the gyms they want and I don’t care anymore… I have one on Moon so no one bothers me there :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




Has to be, the Sun is too hot it would melt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




I usually control a gym that’s on a bike path and you have to walk up a hill to get to it. Can’t drive up there. (legally). So to most other players, it might as well be on the Moon.


Mine is along the highway but the area has no active players now (if ever it had players before) so that’s where I had one Pokemon stayed for a hundred+ days before and up until now, nobody bothers me there so it seems like you’re in the Moon :grin::grin:


I golden razz the team, even if i don’t know them. Hopefully by doing this we last longer in the gym.

Does anyone else berry people they don’t know?

  • Yes i berry team mates
  • No

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