Is there gym etiquette?


I got called a Pokemon Bully today on Discord. But at least it was PM.


You you kick some out of a Gym and it was the only Gym they were in so they missed out on coin(s)?


No, I was at Cub Scout meeting at a gym. And kept getting taken out of gym. Instead of wasting berries on a trash Pokemon, I just kept taking the gym back over. I kicked her out twice. Then she took it a 3rd time. I was going to wait until the end of meeting before taking the gym back, but then someone else kicked her out again. Then I ended up kicking them out too.


So your a bully for that. Sheeeeesh some people are precious.


How am I supposed to leave that gym with another team while I’m physically just sitting there?


Exactly, they chose to keep attacking it then cry when you do the same.


Not like I was even putting anything stronger in there than a Squirtle either.


Imagine the tantrum if you put a 3200cp Blissey in :grinning:


If I had done that, then I would have invested in berries but I already had gotten my 50 coins 20 minutes after midnight this morning.


I got called a bully again by a different Instinct team member the other day because I knocked them out on my way to work. Funny that it’s just Instinct that gets upset and not Valor.


I’m currently letting my local gym get taken over because I’m curious to see who is doing it. I haven’t seen any of the usual suspects since last weekend.


We (my husband, son, and I) will go out in the evenings and turn our town back. If a gym gets taken over while we’re doing it, we circle back around to take that one back. We don’t have a ton of gyms in town (just 6) so we don’t really have an etiquette. If someone hadn’t been in a gym long and we already have a gold badge for that gym, we’ll sometimes leave it but we make sure to get our daily coin limit, whatever it takes.


I think this is the first time I’ve held 17 gyms going into last 90 minutes of the day. Curious to see how many fall before midnight.


Good luck


16 gyms now with 33 minutes left to go,


I’m off work tomorrow. I usually work on Sunday but switched days to do Beldum CD with my son and watch Redskins game with my wife who is a Dallas fan. So, should I wait until after midnight to do my reign of terror through the neighborhood so everyone gets thier coins? Or should I do it before midnight so no one gets them tomorrow? Normally I’d be doing it about 4 AM on my way to work.


Do whatever is easier and don’t have gym etiquette lol


I’m planning on doing it after midnight and then coming back to watch the Hawai’i game.


Had 5 gyms still before I left the house. Now I have 10. I plan to get more in a few hours.


I havent been going around lately(took time off) i hope they understand im on savage mode and need my coins.