Is there gym etiquette?


fair enough :+1:


You should increase your 5hrs grace period to 8.5 so people can get their daily coins.


Yeah I know but I live in a very big city when people take one gym they take often another one


Pretty much same here, except I give them 6 hrs
Unless I’m visiting a place then I change that time to 2-3 hours just because.


You guys are way too nice. I’ve been playing long enough that whenever I show anyone mercy and don’t take down thier gym, someone comes right behind me and destroys it anyway. Me and the local senior players all raid together and we are on all different teams. We all take each other’s gyms down and no one gets mad because we all understand it’s just a game and we all enjoy it. The key is to take enough gyms each day and you will always get your 50 coins.


Ehh I wouldn’t say that I’m nice, and Gyms where I live are “regulated” by the raid groups so that people from every team that wants to get there 50 coins will get it. It’s only the new players, the toxic players and people visiting/passing through who don’t really hold to that. :man_shrugging:t3: If I want to get 50 coins per day it wouldn’t be that hard to go find a gym and put a mon on it without having to take over a gym.


Just a noob question, how many hours to get 50 coins? Do your mons need to win in order to get coins or it just need to stay specific hours?


Well i usually take out the gyms if the mons are there for like 8 hours…anyways,the only time i lost my cool was when a trainer of level 31 took out all my mon after 5 minutes… not in a single one but he swept the entire town😑
So i just destroyed the guy for like 3 days…that i guess he had his lesson…
Now he is gentle as ever!!


roughly 8 hrs i think!!
10min=1 coin


But it’s hard to teach a lesson to Level 30 - Level 40 if you are only Level 21 - 26 :grin:

It seems they have not learned the gym etiquette yet :grinning: or just so greedy to put their mons on every gym they see, as if they gonna get more than 50coins a day :rofl:

I will just remember them though


Thanks for the info.


well i personally think TL 32-40 are a bit gentle…
provided if they are legit!!
if the opposite happens.
they’re most likely be spoofers😑


Some might just be childish enough if they are already an adult. or could it be a child being sold a Level 40 account :grinning:


that is also a possibility!!!


No etiquette for me today. Not at work today. There are 2 gyms next to where I live. High turnover rates. I worked a deal with some local trainers that I will let them keep gyms when I come home from work and will just knock them out next morning so they get coins. By that point in the day, I would have already gotten my 50 coins. Yesterday one of those trainers threw shade about those 2 gyms on Discord, even though I let her keep them 2 out of last 3 days when I got home. Not today. I’m prepared to knock her out each and every time she puts something in there today and then just wait until she posts something on Discord.


Lol, @bobbyjack8 at war :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t say I’m surprised someone has stuffed a Gym share arrangement.


The other teams never showed up. Been in gym since 8 this morning. I’m guessing I’ll be knocked out at 11:59.


Got knocked out 5 minutes ago at gym next to my house but not by the person I was going to keep knocking out. I actually messaged her on Discord and told her gym was yellow if she needed coins because I won’t go get it until tomorrow. So I guess there still is Gym Etiquette.


8 hours 20 minutes