Is there gym etiquette?


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Gym etiquette for me means if somebody’s taking down a gym and I join the take-down late, I won’t try to race the other to get one of my defenders in before theirs. I try to gauge which team did the majority of the take-down and have that team be the new defenders.


I was just asked through text if I could stop riding through town for a couple of days me and my brothers usually take over a part of town where they live I’ll hit it in the evening my older brother will hit it in the morning my little brother will hit it about 3 a.m. and we were asked if we could stop for a few days


If these are the same people that won’t raid with you, tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s all part of the game.


Naw there New players in town but thay are yellow team so thay don’t matter no one like yellow team in town


The yellow players like to complain here too.


I know but did not want to say that but we all know what it is


It happened that one yellow player swept thru several blue gyms on the same route, but not red gyms


We never let yellow stay in gyms for more than a few hours sounds messed up now that I say it out loud but still they’re new


Since I read this post and have known that it takes at least 8hours to gain 50coins, I never take down gyms held by Blue and Yellow even if only one player is there if I see they had been there lower than 8hours, UNLESS they put in a low level mons with CP lower than 1000 because that only means they are not serious in depending the gym, so that is a big invite to flush them out immediately.


I don’t follow that. I have a specific route I follow to and home from work. If you are the wrong color in one of those gyms on my route, sucks to be you. I only have deal worked out with my neighbors on 2 gyms next to my house. If I encounter them on other gyms along my route? Well, they will just get thier coins early.


I used to take gyms even after i got my coins. But now i cannot be bothered.


I’ll just being kind to those players, specially lower level in their 20s cause I also been like that and just returning the favor.

Sort of my own unwritten code.

But if it happens that they flushed me out early, then I am more than willing to return the favor even if it is already a full packed gym with high levels mons. I have a lots of revives and berries to spare since I don’t usually do raids and now PVPs…

Anyway, as I have learned late in this games, no one is bound to play any rules, they can do anything they want, and just need to accept when things goes around. :grin:


No, if I don’t have agreement with you already on our local Discord, you lose your gym. Even if I do have agreement with you, you lose it first thing next morning. My neighbors know I’m ruthless, so they have no choice but deal with me.


How many personal gyms do you have, meaning the ones you always get and like to take?

I have about 5-7 depending on day and week. But i regularly get coins from the same gyms.


I have four personal gyms I hold it all times but they’re on the way to work so I take them at 6 p.m. and then take them back at 8 a.m.


I have 9 local gyms I take on my way to work. Then I have 3 I take between home and work. Then to hit my 20, I have 18 to choose from when I get to the town I work. What sucks is I’m already gold at all of them, so I can only work on the ones here at home when I’m off.


Only my ex locations are gold. Mostly silver everywhere else.


I have gold badges for all the gyms in my town There’s only 16 here


I would surely take more gyms if something like this was implemented;