Is there gym etiquette?


Your a TRUE leader in your community for etiquette, that’s amazing.

the Teams all working together for THE COIN!


I just extended that invitation out to another pair of yellow team members. They reached out on me to Discord when I didn’t know who they were. I’m like, here what is I have worked out with your teammate.we can do same."


Nice. Hope all of you get 50 coins all year round.


The only time I missed my 50 coins is last year in Jaimica when my phone didn’t work right and then this summer when I went to Outer Banks. But it works fine now.


The only one problem with those deals is when outsiders come in and knock either of you out at any random time then someone spits the dummy because some one missed out on their full 50 coins then its all out Gym war the way it should be again :grinning:
I’ve seen online hissy fits because some one missed out because they had and agreement with other trainers.


So true. Reminds me of naruto.


I kept getting knocked out of gyms like 10 minutes before midnight. So I figured out who it was and PM’ed them on Discord. They had no clue that that was bad etiquette and thought I was bullying them. I think they even reported me to a moderator but the moderator told them to eat shit. Needless to say, we are on good terms now and I let them keep those gyms if they are in them when I get home from work. I just knock them out in morning so they still get coins.


Is it a good thing that no one seems to bother me here?

I do forget I have drop a mark on this sole gym at my ancestral home in our province. The poor thing does not bother me too since I disable notif for berries. Just got to notice it when I scan my inventory only to see a mon assigned in a gym which is one count greater than my current gyms, so I try to check it out and there it is, my abandoned mon, :grin:. Poor thing, but seems happy in there hibernating… :grin:


HOLY! new record.


If I’m being honest: No. Unless Niantic makes a function that you get more rewards the longer you are in a Gym, but I don’t think they will…


Yes, I agree with you, they won’t even bother :grin:

But they give medals to other nonsense things in game though.

This only tells that in some areas, (rural) PoGo is dead.


Hmm, i wanna say i found it. but the photograph seems slightly different. And theres arround 15 gyms near it, so it seems unlikely it would be a quite place… Still… Gonna PM you the location. Im curious if i got it right :stuck_out_tongue:


Are others impressed ? do they feed your mon or are still trying to take the gym?

very curious to this high number. Whats your story. How much candy did you feed?


Hi there Rob.

Sorry but that is quite different and physically still far far away. Your located spot is still part of the main island called Luzon while my gym is located mid part of the archipelago, say if you gonna consider our country Philippines as a human shaped one, your located spot is somewhat at the back of the neck, while my hidden spot is between the belly and the chest. :grin: Still hundreds of kilometers apart.

But good hunting though! Tips! We are near Boracay!


Look like we own the place for the moment, no active players on the area and no PoGo players who happens to passby, the spot is besides a national highway, and the marker of our town proper.

Since no active raid, I don’t feed that much, only from time to time when my bag is filling up and need to shed some berries.

Have only fed 45 so far…

And as you can see, zero (0) victories as it has not been challenged yet since it was assigned to the gym, 102days ago :grin:

Will just wait when it will come knocking on my bag, a revive is already waiting for this hibernator :grin:


Big congratulations to the that feat.


You can have a place to dump excess berries into, so it would be good.


I can see 1 gym from my house. I actually PM’d someone on another team to let her know it was her color and I wouldn’t hit that gym until the AM, if she wanted to add her monster to get coins.


well cant speak for valors in other areas, but here in NorCal we try to help each other out, unless the person/people are toxic players, then gloves are off and we wont help.


I only attack :
-Those who attack 2 minutes after someone placed
-People that stayed more than 5 hours
-Before raids
-Gyms with 6 accounts from the same player