Is there gym etiquette?


It’s more when I want to visit a gym or when I have a Quest with ‘Battle in Gym …’ to me.


Other: early evening, so generally between 7 and 10 PM. Simply because 7 PM is “rotation time” here. Depending on what shift I work, I might be a bit later (but still before midnight, so people of the previous days’ team at least get their coins), or check back again sometime early morning (in case spoofers took over during the night, so I can recap my own gyms and at least kick them out of other teams’ gyms and place a Weedle or somethinig like that.


I hit some my gold gym badges on my way to work. Then I hit some of them on my way home. On my days off, I hit different ones while dropping my kids off at school. I only do the gym that is about to host the Legendary Raid if my team already took it. Otherwise I let the team who owns it, keep it. I can only see 1 Gym from my house and it kind of bothers me when another team is in it. So yeah, I fight that one a lot.




I still try my best to only take gyms at certain times of the day, and only for
coins. If there was more incentive to taking gyms possibly stardust(More stardust from gyms) i would take more gyms and engage in more battles.

I also look @ how long someone been in a gym and if they berried alot


Are you part of the publishing team? What is your
Username? Like “Zerogahan” :sweat_smile:


He IS Zeroghan, @Pokemon.


Thats what I thought! I worshiped both him and @apavlinovic but since they are the same person…


That’s kind of confusing…


Surely because they are actually out playing it, as the game is meant to be. Personally I don’t mind if I walk away from a gym and watch someone else take me out right away so long as they are there in person. :slight_smile:


I mostly put mons out at night around 9/10

To try and get coins just after midnight. If that fails i take gyms that have been stayed in over night.


I worked out a deal with my neighbors about our local gym. If they are in it when I get home from work, I won’t knock them out until I leave in the morning. That way they get all thier coins.


WOW, your neighbors play? Awesome!


Yeah, I have 1 gym I can see from my house and worked a deal with 1 yellow and 1 red team member that always take it from each other.


We are the majority and we respect eachother
If somebody rushes the gyms and starts taking them like animals, we will just kick them out
The only problem was one spoofer, but he’s Instinct as well so he doesnt bother my own account that much


A gym will be taken regardless, doesn’t really matter who takes it. It’s up to you as a trainer to decide if your gonna take it back or let it be.


Last time I took the gym and the yellow guy complained, that’s what I told him.


What did he say to that?


We have deal worked out and tonight I just extended it other yellow team players. I let them all know they will get knocked out in the morning when I go to work, but I’ve already got my coins and have no reason to knock them out on my way home. So they can keep it until I go back out.