Is there gym etiquette?


Gym badges don’t increase your chances of catching a Pokémon at a raid there


here the same. Instinct and Mystic help each other, but Valor likes to own every gym and doesn’t help teams here.


Just don’t be the douche that knocks down gyms right before midnight. There’s a special place in hell for you.


I think you don’t mean ‘douche’, do you? And to who is this comment replied


^^^it is meant to the person who knocked 2 of my Mons out of gyms 2 nights ago at 11:50 and 11:55. It worked out okay because I got my 50 coins at 12:07 when they knocked my 3rd out.


Unless you have a rotation in your area and the knockout is to match with the rotation. There may very well be people waiting for their coins, who’d rather get coins today and more coins from another gym tomorrow, than coins from one gym tomorrow and nothing from the other tomorrow.


Got my 50 coins at 4:30 this morning so I really don’t care. My son and I started a Team Rocket gym this afternoon and it already got knocked down. I went on Mystic chat on Discord and told them where I was going to start a new one in the morning. It’s just a game and I’m not going to get mad about it.


I agree with most of these but what about people who work nights, or the third shift? Or people who have insomnia? The only time I really play is late at night, so I frequently take gyms around midnight. Everyone has different play styles and limitations and blacking out a specific time frame for battling gyms is unfair to those of us who can only battle AT those times IMO.


I often work late and night shifts as well, and because of that, I was a big pain in the butt to the local group of players (who I didn’t personally know yet till a few months ago), since that also gave me the opportunity to capture gyms in the dead of night, like, around 3:30 AM, with no fear of getting thrown out again for at least four hours. Though, now I got in contact with those other players, things turned a lot less frustrating and timeconsuming, and I rarely need to spend time attacking gyms anymore after a late shift, just a quick check whether gyms involved in the rotation (we purposely left out several gyms to give outside players and tourists some chance) weren’t taken by the rare other night creatures is usually enough.


It’s not a law, it’s a thought for consideration. If people are out that late they need to keep in mind they might prevent people from getting coins if they boot them before midnight.
It’s your chose whether or not you battle at that time, but now you are aware that by waiting they get coins and by battling they might not receive them.


Nah I like to battle, and if I wanna fight a gym then I expect the other player to be prepared to defend any gym they’ve taken. Any “etiquette” comes only if I know the player personally and works on an individual case basis… Like I might drop home boy out a gym he’s been in 3 minutes and leave him in the next one he’s been in for 5 to be nice/not feel like taking it


If it yellow its going down. Cause blue be feeding golden razz. I am now always sweeping out instinct except 1 gym which no one takes cause we don’t want to be bullies


I had 4 get taken out right before midnight last night so no coins. Then of course no others got taken out until later. Got my 50 coins at 1129 today. That’s the longest I’ve had to wait for my coins for a long time.


the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.
synonyms: protocol, manners, accepted behavior, rules of conduct, decorum, good form

Ya but no there simply is none, maybe when I first started but the golden rule be a double edged sword and ain’t no way I am falling for this nonsense again. You want I follow a customary code of polite behavior you best be filling me up with it.

Further, my instinct tells me this talk of harmony is just red and/or blue trying to get some of the shine that is yellow for themselves. Do not be fooled, your instinct knows the truth.


etiquette? I like to try and respect people but in all honesty there is no etiquette, people take certain people out of gyms because they either don’t like them or are jealous of what they put in the gym. Ill give a local example of the “pay to get in or move to another gym”, There is a sculpture garden (entry is free during open hours) in a park down here that closes around 8pm and locks the gates, there is one gym that you can reach from outside and 4 more that are inside that can only be reached with the gates open, every night around 11pm members from the red team always end up taking the 4 that are locked on the inside. Players have literally driven around and communicated with other players to surround the garden just to see if anyone is in there and no one around inside the garden at all. Ill just leave this here…


Well your talking about spoofers… cant really expect etiquette from spoofers cause you cant really communicate with them. And i dont think the OP took them into account.


Actually I was talking about respect first and then spoofers. Occasionally we actually do see and can communicate with the people that spoof and they deny it constantly. The New Orleans area is large but the POGO community knows who each person is pretty much, they didn’t always spoof and at one time actually put their feet to the ground…


Sounds like Team Rocket, they never had etiquette.


If you want to really to upset your local POGO community, just go around every night between 11 and 12 and take down as many gyms as you can. Someone just did that to me again. I would never do that to my fellow players. We work together on raids. I make sure to knock down gyms after midnight and give everyone their coins they earned.


What time of day are you taking gyms.

  • day shift
  • afternoon
  • nighfshift
  • mix of day and night
  • whenever i get a chance
  • whenever my gold gyms taken
  • whenever im near a gym

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