Is there gym etiquette?


I like using Flareon with Overheat


Machamp is my favorite mon to battle with, so blissey has become at least entertaining for me. Just love watching him punch like a maniac repeatedly


Well, locally here we have a kind of understanding between blues & yellows…
Instinct takes a certain gym at night and keeps it overnight, and blues take it in the morning and keep it all day…
Since there are 3 gyms nearby, we are usually happy since I have flagged that I “have given up” one gym since there was a new gym introduced closer to me (the “certain one”)… Of course there are some red ones who disturb the order daily… :wink:

When it comes to gym battles personally - If I see a blue or red youngster less that level 30, I leave it alone for 8 hrs since I think they deserve some credit for taking it and deserve the 50 coins.


I got no “etiquette”. Pulled into one of my local gyms on the way home just to collect items. Saw it was being attacked. Waited until she was done and knocked her right out. I won’t go back out of my way if someone knocks me out of a gym I just took, but if you are on my planned route, I’ll knock you out no matter how long ago you took it. I mostly stick with the gyms I have gold badges at so no reason to double back on them because I know l’ll be back soon enough.


your post makes no mention of seeing a person battling the Gym, was it a Spoofer?
I will always knock Spoofers out immediately if I’m at a Gym and they’ve knocked one down. That or Gold Razzing it when I’ve got surplus which is most times.


Take an entire area @ night for my team. Wake up with coins. Repeat. The other teams have learnt that i am rdy to stay up till get all my coins. They have learnt to let me be or no1 will be getting any coins. Sometimes you get a respect from dominating.


Where I am its so rural its more like waiting to lose the gym, except for yesterday. Everybody came out of the woodwork in central Vermont to play.


I love to notice people who take the same gym everyday. i grow a respect for them and let them have it.

BUT last night one dude outstepped his territory so it was a war of blissy.

Valor never help each other thats why mystic dominates…-dont get me started on instict the dude who outstepped his territory was yellow they love doing that shit-


No, Valor never help each other… :joy:
These gyms are at a shopping centre & the security guard is a TL40 Valor who takes those gyms that arent Valor on night shift then we fill them up from 5:30-7am daily.


Valor moves so slow when taking gyms. Lets instinct sneak like mfers. And BLUE jus laughs and golden razz.

yellow should jus come to red :confused:


That’s because this game is a marathon, not a sprint :sweat_smile::joy:
Depends on what area you’re in. Year 1 most of the north side of our city was Instinct (verified botters & spoofers) but since the gym rework & drop to 50 pokécoins max, I’ve seen a better turnover of gyms in all areas, albeit some are still dominated by certain teams.
Some nights the pic I posted above will be all blue then Red in the morning again & vice versa.


I have no problems with any gyms or players except for the lazy that spoof (most local spoofers are known), if you are going to take a gym do it standing or sitting near the gym not on your couch.


All’s fair in love and war…well almost. The past two weeks has been strewn with controversy over gym battle etiquette. I’ve heard rumblings both in my local community as well as on the Go Hub Form. There are no iron clad rules for battling gyms in Pokémon Go, but here are a few suggestions to help keep the peace with your fellow trainers.

Do: Battle gyms and have fun! Get out in the community visit the local gyms, battle with some of your favorite Pokémon you have captured.
Don’t: Having a global meltdown if you lose your gym solves nothing, so stow the tantrums.

Do: Feel free to capture gyms before raids, it is in your best interest to have the gym bannered for your team. If another team wants it or wants to keep it they can feed berries or try to recapture it.
Don’t: Complain about not having many balls or being kicked out before a raid is futile. Either feed berries to Pokémon to prevent the gym from being taken down or come and capture it back before the raid starts. Coordinate both with your team members if possible for the greatest chances of success.

Do: Keep the theme alive. Some trainers start themed gyms: Eeveelutions, color themes, generation themed, Pokémon type themed, shiny themed, Baby Pokémon themed gyms. It’s a fun way to show off some different Pokémon and in many ways it’s a throwback to the anime.
Don’t: Don’t be “that trainer” who breaks an obvious theme. If you click a gym and there are 5 Eeveelutions and you have the last one, keep that theme alive! If you are able, embrace the them rather than intentionally sabotaging it.
On that same note of there are only two or three Pokémon fitting a “theme” already in the gym you can’t expect people to read minds so don’t get angry if when somebody drops in a random Pokémon.

Do: Be respectful of the Pokémon you choose to drop in a gym. If a trainer goes through the effort of taking over a gym follow suit of the size/strength of Pokémon you place in that gym. If there are 4 full-health, high-CP Pokémon already in the gym, add something strong or good at gym defense. If you take over the gyms, do as you please, you put in the work so put in whatever Pokémon you want.
Don’t: If the gym is full of high-CP defenders please don’t dump the 13 CP Pidgy you caught up the street. It is disrespectful of the efforts of the trainer(s) who put in the work to capture the location. If there are trainers actually trying to hold a gym to get XP, you adding a weak ‘mon does not help hold the gym. If you took the gym or if it’s the middle of the day and the Pokémon have zero motivation and have been there for days, drop in anything you want. You might keep a small stock of reasonably high-CP Pokémon with bad IVs if you don’t want to have to revive and heal the Pokémon.

Do: Be aware of the gym location. If it is at a business, play somewhere you don’t disrupt the patrols or employees. If you drove to the location, park somewhere out of the way that does not inconvenience their patrons. Find out if there are posted hours at parks, cemeteries, museums or historic landmarks and honor those times.
Don’t: Violating ordinances to take a gym is a good way to lose a gym or end up with a fine. If there is an admission fee required to get in to get to a gym, pay it or move on to a different gym.

Do: Coins reset at midnight local time so kicking out players late in the day is keeping that person from getting coins. Be aware that attacking late in the day may have an effect on the people you are kicking out, especially if they have defended for 6 hours or more. Generally speaking try to avoid taking down gyms between 11:00 p.m. until 12:01 a.m. so people can collect those free coins.
Don’t: Some people who play the game rely on the free items they collect. Causing them to lose that 50 coin bonus may mean they miss out in raids the next day because they are short of coins for an extra pass. If your schedule does not allow you to get out early please wait until after midnight.

Do: Berry those gyms to keep motivated Pokémon. Occasionally you might even consider even using berries to defend a gym you are trying to control. In addition to keeping the Pokémon motivated at least 20 stardust is earned for every berry so there are multiple reasons to feed them to your Pokémon in gyms.
Don’t: Complaining that someone uses berries on a gym gets you nowhere. If they are using berries to replenish their Pokémon’s motivation, then they want that gym for some reason. They have as much right to that gym as you do, so either battle through the berries or move on to an easier target.

Do: Communicating with other teams is a good thing. If your local group wants to work out a rotation for gyms, or make arrangements to not kick each other out of a certain gym that is wonderful.
Don’t: Not all trainers or teams will be open to negotiations or scheduled control. If peaceful communications fail, you have to battle, battle, and battle some more if you want a gym. Some trainers live or work near a gym and refuse to deal. Chances are they want to utilize the gold badge and team control bonus to get extra items. If you run into that situation you have an uphill battle. You will have to decide how much effort you want to put out and if it is worth the hassle for a particular gym.

So why control a gym anyway? As previously stated you get more items with a higher gym badge; this has been covered in depth on Go Hub. There is also the catch bonus that ties in to gym badge level. As you decide how much effort you want to put into a gym you have to look at a few factors such as how frequently you raid there and if an improving your catch odds by 2.5% over a silver or 5% over bronze is worth the effort. The last factors are personal goals and team pride, and maybe those factors are worth the effort alone.
*Catch rates were taken from the Go Hub article on Mewtwo

Submitted this guide to Go Hub for consideration, but it doesn’t appear the hyperlinks are coming through.


Speechless. I love this.


From a game I played that had PvP elements that showed enemy players with a red name: “If it’s red, it’s dead!” Really works here too as I am Mystic, and I tend to give Instinct some leeway.


This is what i notice.

Blue always teams wit yellow and vice versa.

Red really the best😂2on1 light work.


This is amazing. We’ll publish it soon.


Nicely written piece.
One thing tough: Improved catch chance when you have a silver or gold medal for that gym? Im pretty sure gym badges have no impact on your catch chances. Those catch rate improvements come from the type medal of the pokemon you try to catch (so in Mewtwos case the 200 psychic catches). Not your gym badge.


I agree with most of what you’ve said, but I woul like to say that a few of tgese rules are specific to different communities. For example, in our area you will often see gyms with a combination of blissey/snorlax and trapinch/bagon. The common strategy here is for someone to put a weak Pokémon that can give good candies from berries but doesn’t give unwanted silhouettes in the Pokédex. We’ve never had an issue wirh people dropping weak Pokémon, even pidgey because people can berry the Pokémon they want to keep in the gym while ignoring the others. I don’t want to sound like I’m arguing or disagreeing with you, overall it was very well said and much needed. Nice work!


I agree, it also makes the gym easier to take down, which is what ultimately needs to happen to get your coins