Is there gym etiquette?


I did a good thing today. I didn’t knock down the nearest gym to my house and let it stay red. Only because I already had 20 gyms.


I took 5 gyms in town and everyone I saw the changed hands I immediately went and turn back blue


I’ve reached the 20 gym plateau twice the last 2 days. Planning on hitting it again twice tomorrow.


Your running your area with an iron fist!


My goal on Saturday because I have to take my daughter to a birthday party is to hit a bunch of northern gyms in my town I hardly ever go to and work on more gold badges.


My Red Pest got hammered last night. He POed someone else I know by taking 2 Gyms 10mins after he took them (not from Red Pest). I was waiting for him to hit the only one I was in again and sure enough 1 GRazz and he scooted off.
In a retaliation we hit every single Gym he was in from both ends over an hour. 12 Gyms all up with 2 immediate re-removal after he thought coming back would be a good idea. I left all 7 I did blank and checked on them after Id done my usual 4 a few blocks over and they were still blank.
If your going to scorch the earth of every single Gym you have to expect some retribution.


I scorch the Earth every time I leave the house. But I’m only leaving monsters in gyms that I would transfer anyway.


Lately I’ve just been throwing super low CP things in gyms just to get people irritated even if they golden it I’ll sit there just to take it just to leave a Caterpie


It’s understandable that each team gets their chance on gyms so that different color team members could get their coin back. But there is one gym in my area that almost always stays yellow, even blue or red takes it over, it does not stay blue or red for long, not even for couple hours, and the yellow fills up the gym fast with high CP tanky Pokémon. Other gyms do not have such issue.


Perhaps it is a Yellow Team’s hideout gym :grin:


Probably yellow player lives next to that gym


Tonight on the way home from I went to do both the 2 Gyms close to home as one is very close to Gold. Both these are haeavily guarded by Red and Yellow who I’m sure have some Gym sharing arangment. Took the first that was full of Reds than drove around the other side and started to battle the sole Yellow Dragonite which had only been in 10min. Someone was standing in the Play Ground staring at me in the Car. It became evident quickly that they were the owner of the 3200cp Dragonite when they GRazzed it. In just under 10min my L40 98% MewTwo with Psycho Cut / Ice Beam destroyed the Dragonite despite being Razzed 10 times much to their displeasure.
I Golded it on the second battle so I dropped a 100cp Sentret as I had no interest in staying in. Just for added touch I yelled out thanks for the extra points and drove off.
Some may disagree with me doing this with the person there and after they were only in 10min but in all fairness this person has knocked my stuff out after only being in for the same amount of time so all is fair as far as I’m concerned. I’m fairly confident this is the same person that tried several times to take one of the Gyms the other night and couldn’t because I can play the GRazz game better than they could as their tactics are just as poor as their Pokémon are.


I don’t disagree at all. If they really want to keep that gym, then let them fight for it.


I think it’s cool


No, it’s hot… It was a battle ground out there :grinning: @Cup just kidding!


Lol good one


Spent 45 minutes berrying a gym that was under attack from the leader of another group whom used to be on the same team as me today.
The same person is suspected to have then gone around and deliberately knocked me out of other gyms while leaving the other players in them. It’s all over the fact that his group didn’t get any ex-raid passes this morning due to me instructing those in my raid group chat to target an ex-raid gym I know his group doesn’t attack. Only reason I instructed my group to target an ex-raid gym known to be unpopular by the other local group was for the safety of players in my group after an incident at last week’s ex-raid where both groups had passes for it, not to stop them getting passes as there are enough players in each group for each one to generate separate ex-raids each week.


Sounds like it’s on … like Donkey Kong


I only took back 1 of the 2 Gyms close to home this morning (only the one I’m not Gold) and it was left alone all day until 7pm tonight. Usually I’ll get booted by 8-9am.
Might be early days but maybe my actions yesterday’s sent a msg that I can bring the heat.


To add to what I said above, someone has then tonight intentionally knocked out the gym I was defending and left it grey.