Is there gym etiquette?


I’m Team Rocket and I’ll take all your gyms.


I’m the same way I don’t care how long you’ve been there I’m just going to take it


I’ve been starting Wars past couple weeks on days off


It’s hard to start wars here because we are all in game friends and we do PvP and Raid with each other. Even my annoying Instinct neighbors I’m still sort of friendly with. I like to start wars where I work because I don’t know any of the players there and I’m already gold in every single gym.


I like to do is sometimes just to stir things up especially when it’s the players that I don’t like in gyms we have about 60 players in our town I’m cool with about 16 of them the rest I don’t care for and take them out of gyms every chance I get


Got in another gold raspberry battle with someone this morning. Of course I made them hit thier berry limit and still took thier gym. And the one they had next to it too. In all fairness, they started it because they knocked me out 3 minutes after I took it in the first place.


It seems nobody really cares about holding gyms unless they’re a bee’s d1Ck off getting gold or really want coins.
Recently have had a group of 5 Mystics taking my home gyms just before midnight. 1st night I couldn’t be bothered going out to take them back (I do that on the way through to work).
2nd night I took the gyms back within 5mins so they tried to re-take them, until I moved to another gym they had taken a couple of minutes earlier.
They tried it again over the course of the next week but appear to have given up trying to take any of my home gyms now… seems rapid take down of a gym you’ve just taken is a deterrant…


Even I won’t stoop to being as low down and dirty as knocking down gyms right before midnight.


If it were me I would do the same thing to them every day for at least a week


I see this alot, yet that regurarly gives me my 50 coins. Cant be too bothered by it when that happens.


Yes it can be deliberate act to be nasty/spiteful but it can also be an in the area playing at that time.
Why should anyone have to wait or stay out longer playing to not battle Gyms between xxxx and midnight or 00:30 in my case?
It’s not the responsibility of anyone to make sure others collect coins.
Just as some may miss out on their daily coins being knocked out before midnight others my be greatful as they hadn’t already collected.


I have a severe dislike for players who intentionally do it but I have also found there are a lot of people who are clueless about game mechanics that have no idea how coins work.

I had to educate an older player in my community who worked late and gladly waited an extra few mins to take a couple gyms on her way home once we got her spun up on how it helped us if she could attack just a few mins later. Honestly I’m not even sure she realized about coins at all until we talked.


Do any of yall actually see the players while they take your gyms and your golden razzing? Or do you realize it after they have left.

:thinking: also i been only putting one pokemon out in a gym lately to see if it can survive the 8hours and some minutes.


I’m never waiting around at the Gyms to see who comes to battle it so I can GRazz them. It’s either I see the notification pop up that the health is low and I can catch it in time or it’s I’m expecting someone to come back from previous Gym engagement and I’ve got the Gym open on the screen to see the moment they start.
I’m usually a long way from the Gym location taking other Gyms or I’m at home.


I will Waite to see who it is if I can and then still most of this I’ll say something smart


I know the vehicle of the person that gold raspberries me in the morning before work. They did it again this morning but I didn’t really have time to fight them. I only made them waste 6 berries.


If it’s my day off I will ride around town looking for the people that are doing it


I do that, but only with players I suspect of Spoofing or did just the same with the gym I was in. They are mostly high lvl players.


I always make sure I have enough resources for a “Golden-rasberry battle”. I always look if the majority of the gym has enough hours. Unless the gym is hold by people I suspect of spoofing, They get kicked as fast as possible. (The spoofer I targeted earlier has not shown him self much lately, and if, only one account.)


They are lazy by nature looking for soft targets. As soon as you made it harder for them they took the path of least resistance and less work for a lazy person to do.
Keep up the good fight.

My Red pest tried 90min earlier than his usual routine tonight. I was waiting still with Gym open while at my desk. 1 GRazz and they were gone but back again 20min later so Grazzed once again and they moved on again (most likely did the 2 Gyms down from mine that I’m Gold so not in).