Is there gym etiquette?


I do on all my work days. I’ll get you on my way there or I’ll get you on my way home.


The store I get cigs at every day before work is a gym and the rodeo arena by it is a gym so I take them every day at 6pm and 730am like clock work


Yeah, some people have started to figure out my schedule so they wait until I go back to work to take my gyms down. That way they still get the 8 hours in before I come back.


We mix it up my older brother will go out and attack everyone if I’m at work my little brother would do it if he’s at work most of the time no day of the week is safe


I even posted on my local Discord, “If you find my Seedot in your gym, I’m already gold there and I took your gym just for fun.”


I have found proof of at least 4 mystics being spoofers. I’ll get them. No etiquettes. I will collect some trow away hi cp Pokemon just to drain his revives and Berry’s.


I’m loving it. The girl that accused me of being a Pokémon bully just challenged me to fight 3 times. She kicked my butt twice but I got her on last fight.