Is there gym etiquette?


I do on all my work days. I’ll get you on my way there or I’ll get you on my way home.


The store I get cigs at every day before work is a gym and the rodeo arena by it is a gym so I take them every day at 6pm and 730am like clock work


Yeah, some people have started to figure out my schedule so they wait until I go back to work to take my gyms down. That way they still get the 8 hours in before I come back.


We mix it up my older brother will go out and attack everyone if I’m at work my little brother would do it if he’s at work most of the time no day of the week is safe


I even posted on my local Discord, “If you find my Seedot in your gym, I’m already gold there and I took your gym just for fun.”


I have found proof of at least 4 mystics being spoofers. I’ll get them. No etiquettes. I will collect some trow away hi cp Pokemon just to drain his revives and Berry’s.


I’m loving it. The girl that accused me of being a Pokémon bully just challenged me to fight 3 times. She kicked my butt twice but I got her on last fight.


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Yup yup


oops, is there a position that availible?




or my Arbok lol😈




So I was on my way home taking a few gyms back along the way. Somebody decided to Gold Raspberry
me while I was knocking down thier gym. Well, it didn’t take me very long to make them reach thier berry limit. Then I took them out of the gym right next door too.


He’ll yea


They might have been berrying it because they needed to get coins and hadn’t been in there long enough.

If a gym is being berried up, I think the best thing to do is move to the next gym.

I also think it’s best to avoid taking every gym you pass. Lately the area I often play in, the gyms are either all red or all blue, but more often blue. The gyms become full of accounts that go and add to all the gyms, not just a few, the result, anyone who didn’t get a spot comes around attacking the 1 or 2 gyms I’ve made yellow making it more difficult than it needs to be to get coins.

Wouldn’t it be good if players only placed pokemon in enough gyms to get their coins and not let pride take over?


Nope. I’ll make them waste thier berries.


Gym etiquette seems like an extension of morality in real life. How to balance our own interests with respect for others is tricky. When there is only one truly objective judge (and all of us are stuck in our own subjective slice of reality), what’s “fair” seems to have just as many definitions as the number of people trying to define it. Not to mention that some people aren’t convinced to begin with that fairness is always the common goal.

If I’m pushed around when everybody’s stronger than me, how do I see things if I gain a strength advantage? Do I remember how I felt and act with compassion to others? Or is it a chance for revenge? Or do I see it as “my turn” to win until somebody stronger comes along? Is it as simple as “might makes right”?


There’s a town near me where there’s like 8 gyms and there’s an agreement between the teams to let each team control 2 gyms so that way people can get there coins, the other two gyms are up for grab and are fair game.


Has anyone started a big war lately? or stopped one.