Is there gym etiquette?


^^^I do that sometimes not realizing I already hit the 20 Gym limit.


They only did it on gyms that I was in, the other gyms around were untouched, i.e. they targeted me.


I’ve been targeted before and hit back twice as hard. They stopped pretty quickly as I occupied a lot of their time. Yes it detracted from playing the catch and collect aspect of the game but the end result was worth it.
Was only up against 2-3 people though not a whole group. I’m as stubborn as goat and very prsistant when I’m firered up about some something. Once I start I’m all in for the long haul and I will not stop.


If it was me I would spent all day hunting him down in gyms and taking him out I would not let him stay in the gym for more than 2 minutes


Sounds like someone declared war on you @digitaljdl


You better win


Only problem, I’m instinct, he’s mystic, there’s about 5-10x as many mystics as instincts in my area :frowning:


Don’t matter you seen Mulana a. Singel grain of rice and all that


Revive snd Potion up and go on a Rampage again and again and again. Target the main offender and ignore the others even if they’re involved. The will most likely drop out out of the antics and if it works well turn on the instigator.


I completely agree with everything he just said


I do like me a good old fashioned turf war :smiling_imp: Not too many people I play with take kindly to being targeted and makes it fun when gyms get flipped quickly.
If I take a gym then someone try’s to take it immediately I Golden Razz for a bit (normally I have both my own & my other half’s account in the gym) but if they’re persistent I let them flip it then just take it back again & put some gym trolls or unowns in there :joy: If they’re really playing along they put similar mons in.


i have a bunch of trow a ways. Just for gymfilling


I took a nap and was down to 8 gyms. Now I’m back to 12. I was going to post that it seems like no one wants to PvP anymore but I’ve been challenged today by 3 different people. @MrHeineken88 we can fight now.


I rarely do PvP now. Also rarely trainer battles and if I do I use three Pokémon that all die in the same second they pop up for a battle.


We are plotting our attacks through town today to make it blue again.


He’ll yea


Coordination so far…




@bobbyjack8 is taking over his city


I got 8 gyms left to go before I’m gold in each gym.