Im quitting GO Hub forum for a bit of time


@Pokemon likes his outfit


I will show his new girlfriend if he is okay with it…


His Lotad?


No. One of my friends has his same outfit on but she is a girl.


Succes @Kevin_v_Hoften, ik hoop je nog eens te zien op de gohub!


I don’t speak Dutch, so if you could translate for rest of us?


Good luck @Kevin_v_Hoften, i hope to see you once again on the gohub


I just after 2 years to admit that Althea was an aesome song


Lol so where’s the picture of the girlfriend

Lets talk - (anything)

I have decided to come back on feb 10.see you all then


Yes and I’m halfway to the pants


Show her then


You’re going to buy the whole outfit I just bought the Hat that’s a lot of coins


Well that’s good. I’m sure we will all still be here.


I don’t know about that with the way things are going looking kind of scary


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