Im quitting GO Hub forum for a bit of time


I am quitting GO Hub forum for a bit of time.You could contact me on Discord maybe btw(if your in That event server) but yeah i will Still be online on Discord,maybe sometime later i will return.but for now,im quitting for some time.


Maybe in 15 days i will be more online.


Take care bro


Bye brother


Take care!


I’ll leave soon :joy:


We’re the he’ll you think you going lol


Be well, @Kevin260709 – I look forward to your returning when your circumstances and inclination facilitate it.


Gone because @Thorend and @Jormdeworm won’t put back Answer and make poll


You better stay on here you and Bobby Jack and Link for the only ones to talk to and mew


Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.


Take care @Kevin260709


@Pokemon is busy at his more important stuff


He is still on our Discord that @Pokemon won’t join


He’s on Discord?


I think @Kevin260709 is


Nope not really lol
I got a new pokemon thing today, I’ll make a topic soon


I was looking for @Pokemon. With his new Team Magma hoodie, I found his girlfriend.


Lapras boss? Lol
The hoodie sucked all my coins from decemver and January up


You still wearing it?