I figured out if Deoxys is mythical or legendary


Ahhh phione, now that’s the mon we should be debating if it’s mythical or legendary


Well what do you think it is


Banned from tournaments and only obtainable through events, mythical


Yes, but even bulbapedia has said that its status as mythical has been in question from time to time. @Cup I think it’s mythical



Until Nintendo and Game Freak go out of their way to force Niantic to change this, it’s a Mythical.

Sure, Deoxys was available outside of events in ORAS, but since that did not repeat in USUM, it was likely a handshake and to provide a nice boss battle after the relatively-easy Rayquaza battle.


Thank you


That was a fun post game story, too bad I never use deoxys it went straight to storage, just like my deoxys in GO lol