I figured out if Deoxys is mythical or legendary


It’s a mythical, you can’t usually get it in game, so it gives more reason for it to be mythical.


InPokemonGo it says you cannot trade depxys because it is mythical


But you can trade Meltan and that is supposed to be Mythical.


I wish someone would trade it to me


I’m friends with Alex246762 but not 9945.:frowning:


I would I have so many extra


@Pokemon was right he’s a legendary as he is now a raid boss


…That says nothing about its legendary/mythical status jesus
Mythicals have three ways to be defined:

  1. Banned even from tournaments that allow restricted legendaries. Deoxys IS banned
  2. Not being listed in the list of legendary Pokemon on the website. Deoxys isnt there
  3. Being unobtainable without events in its debut generation. Deoxys is unobtainable in Gen 3 games

Niantic’s use of the Pokemon says absolutely nothing about it


Mythicals can’t be traded in Pokémon Go.


Meltan seems to be able to be traded.


So then it’s official he’s a legendary Pokemon end of story I knew I was right


I would have guessed mythendary … or legendical.


Good one






Don’t know


Not from a myth nor legend, but from a sage (same word in dutch)


Official? sigh where?


When I said it so it is so


Phione would be one as well