How was your special raid day?


Missed the Lapras event for work, but after work did a handful of raids, ending with a successful trio raid of Azelf, which turned out to be just decent when captured.


I hate missing CD with my son because I have to work. But then I always catch more at work then he does at home.


6 accounts, 25 raids, 19 shinies between us (took me 20 raids to get my only shiny :unamused:).
Best for the day was my other half with this guy;


It was ok. I can’t complain, I got 2 shinies from 12 raids. We met at a certain gym and we were more than 20 accounts, more than ever. After two raids with two lobbies each, we split into two groups: the quick raiders that wouldn’t wait a second for anyone and those who played for fun and took their time to catch and chat.
We were in the second group. My husband wasn’t too happy playing (he was angry about the other group), the others in our small group all just wanted to have their shinies and nothing else, so we stopped after 12 raids. (Not my choice, though…). I got some decent Lapras, but nothing too great.
I made 421k XP including a best friend, and I’m now only 17k short of 40 million. I like those raid days :grinning:


0/1 here.
Only managed to sneak one Raid in straight after my golf game on the way to the Pub for lunch.


I’m sorry to hear that buddy @NotanotherKangaskhan
And did anyone else have trouble logging in yesterday or game just being very laggy


0 for 32…best day ever


And we got Burmy


hate niatnic


Y @Pokemon thay love you


5/34, with a 3-raid shiny streak even.
Later that night caught omanyte at my nest at home and yesterday the golden chickennugget.
Traded a scyther with my brother who stopped playing and a torchic this morning because i only had 2 with CD because RL obligations.

Edit: group of 5, we did 4x34 raids, and 1 time 33 doing a total of 169 and we had a total of 20 shinies lapras (not evenly divided: 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7) = 20/169 = 1/8,45. pretty good numbers IMHO
Edit, also missed a shiny shuppet a few days back because of checking, seeing the shiny and instantly pressing the go-plus which did not catch it. First time it happened.


the`y love money


Lol true budy


At least they gave us 5 free raid passes per day for 2 days lol


Did you get your 5 free raid passes the day after Lapras raid day?


Who doesn’t?


Yep. Got 'em - one late Sunday, and four on Monday (on top of the normal daily free raid pass). Did you get yours?


No, I was only able to get 1 free raid pass (as usual) on the day after Lapras raid day.


That sucks. I wish they would have just added 5 to everybody’s bag automagically on Sunday.


As much as I would have loved to have done Lapras day I value my once a month Golf Game with mates more. Our games are usually organised well before any announcements that come out of Nianfail HQ