How was your special raid day?


Dont believe there is a topic on this already… so how were your raid days?


I got to do 21 lapras raids and got 1 shiny


I’ll let you know in 3 hours


Well… It was calm at work atleast…


Thats good my night went bad o so bad


6 raids 1 SHINY LAPRAS (so far)


0 shinies,8 raids


The Raid Day itself was not much interesting, I didn’t get a Shiny out of eight Raids (where some people of our community seem to have got 4/5 Shinies and a Hundo out of eight Raids), only two have 90+% IV but with terrible Atk and the last Lapras ran from me.

Would I really have missed out something special if I couldn’t participate just like all the others except Moltres RD? The answer is simple: NO.

But was it fun? Yes, definitely even. It was fun raiding together with my community and it was also fun doing Absol and Bronzor Researches (didn’t get a Shiny though), especially since I can’t do Absol Raids, so this Lapras RD gave me a good shot at some more Absol. I have also gathered quite some XP.


Save us cup, your our only hope from the poison.

Anyways it aint start yet. I guess Europe has it advantages :rofl::man_shrugging:t5:

edit - 30 mins in, to much rain. Car raids only.


Ours went pretty good. Spent last hour before event securing all the gyms along our route. I believe right before event started entire southern half of my town was blue. We started with a group of 16 but as we picked up more along the way, we had to split into 2 groups. I ended up doing 6 raids. Got a shiny on first raid. My son got a shiny on first two raids. We stopped when we ran out of free passes but my group is still moving around town.


I only did the free 5 Passes, but I got one Shiny. The big takeaway was I got a large amount of Rare Candy, but only 1 Fast TM and 1 Charge TM. Thankfully, that was all I needed to get my Magnezone the best moveset. Kyogre, your ass is grass and I’m the lawnmower!


Started at 11 game kept messing up managed do 3 raids no shiny but my brother traded me1 and look what happened

so overall good day??


I couldn’t participate unfortunately because my raid group doesn’t exist anymore. They all quit playing and don’t plan coming back. :angry: :frowning_face:


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That sucks:( i luckily have a park right next to my house that has like 7 ex raid gyms and people that play there


I was On the high end of my group, most caught two or one and then 5 of us caught 3 or more.


I will let u know in 2 hours


0 shiny out of 5 free raids, someone I know got 7 shiny out of his 20 Lapras raids


Got shiny in my third catch


2 shiny in a row