How was your special field research day?


This is how it went yesterday.

When the event started, I went to the market to get myself some sandwiches. Came back hone with 4 Researches done and already one Shiny Castform. Around 1.45pm I went out again and spun as many Pokestops and did as many Researches as I could. I did delete a few ‘Battle in a Raid’ tasks though. From the six-seven I found of them, I’ve only done twice of those tasks, because I raided a Machamp with two other people. Of course the Machamp I got has terrible IV’s. I can still remember, it was 4.20pm, was about to give up with Lotad, but then I found my 7th Shiny Castform. A minute later, my 8th one. Two minutes later, I found Shiny Castform number nine. Two minutes later again I found Shiny Castform number ten. In the same minute I did also find my very first Shiny Lotad after ~75 Researches done. Like three minutes later I found ANOTHER Shiny Castform. I have this on a screen video, but I don’t know how to post screen videos on here. Seven minutes later than I found my 11th Shiny Castform, I found another Shiny Lotad, with one or two normal in between the two Shiny Lotad. One minute later another Shiny Castform and another minute later my third Shiny Lotad. Ten minutes later yet another Shiny Castform and that was the end of the Shiny Spam wave. I think I’ve done 3/4 of the Researches from all the PokéStops in my city. I’d say 120. That is a very realistic amount. Sadly only three of them gave me a Shiny Lotad. Castform had a higher Shiny rate for me than the rate is during Community Day. Got 21 Shiny out of (I think) around 200 Castform. Walked exactly 20km yesterday, and reached the 50km this week for the very first time ever. Hatched 2 Eggs and the third is about to hatch.
Weather was mostly Cloudy but changed to Rainy and back sometimes. That was frustrating because it took long for the Weather Boosted spawns to spawn again.
Well that was my Lotad RD.


Somedays that is standard practice for me, playing 5+ hours :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I had the time to do that.


I do it when I’m at work, at home or just on a long walk


1/105 shiny Lotad for me. 5 shiny Castform for me.

I liked the event but the shiny rate for Lotad was horrible. Nobody in my raid group had more than 1 shiny and they played at similar rates as I did. The event was really similar like the Clamperl event, but it seems they lowered the shiny rate because the event had extended hours. Really a dumb move. I know people who played over 6 hours with zero shiny Lotad.

But then I see how Brobraam did. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:


Was glad for the extended hours, since I couldn’t start right away and would have felt rushed even if I’d been on time for the start. It also gave us a real chance to break for a meal without sacrificing a fourth of the event time.

Having a couple of the research tasks require raids worked great, since I had wanted to spend at least half the day raiding, and managed to get just enough of chasing pokestops for new tasks mixed in with raiding. I only saw one shiny Lotad after dozens of tasks performed, so my experience agreed with @magoose6’s (I thought the shiny rate was horrible).

Having the day so focused on continually chasing different pokestops dispersed the players from remaining around a main location (or alternating between just a few). Most of the players I’m used to seeing had already spread around by noon, and I didn’t see 'em the rest of the day.


Because your own shiny rate is boosted recently during normal play day, on a RD like this, shiny explodes on you.


16/202 quests shiny lotad.
19 shiny castform

my GF:
13/184 quests shiny lotad
27 shiny castform

went all in for 9 hours with ~ 1 hour traveling between cities. Had to play the first 7 hours on 2 accounts since my GF had to work (as usual on any event day) but the last 2 hours she joined. She was so happy she could play :smile: