How was Your Community day


Disastrous day in my locality. I have no idea why but bulbasaur spawns outnumbered those of ralts by about three to one. The park I played at was a clefairy nest before and after the CD so it had nothing to do with that.

As a consequence I managed only 3 ralts shinies and had to rely on a trade with the missus (who caught 5 and hatched 1) so I could scrape together a shiny family. Anyone else suffer from this farrago today? :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I think Eggs received during Community Day also give the featured Pokémon. It was quite confusing that many people hatched a Shiny Slakoth during it’s CD and now it seems to happen with Ralts too. And I did only get 10km Eggs. Even more reason to confirm this is true.


I noticed a high bulba rate too, but only in area’s marked as parks.


I got 2 shiny 1male 1female


This was the case during this CD. During Slakoths probably just cooncidence but this time Niantic actually announced it on twitter and GOHUB updated their article with the experience from New Zealand.


my gf hatched 9 ralts out of 10 eggs during community day. and for me a 10 km that was about to hatch 1,65/1.67 completely disappeared and did not give me any pokemon. I checked my log and it did not show any hatches for today, even though I hatched like 6 eggs. Wtf Niantic?!


I caught 7 Shinies and my son caught 9.
I brought my candy total for Ralts over 1600 from 300 something. I evolved best male and female normal Ralts I had all the way up and best male and female shiny all the way and next best shiny to Kirlia. Still have over 1100 candies to play with for powering up.


I got 0 shinys​:disappointed::sob:


Doing the 3 hours from inside an hospital, caught 20 Ralts with 2 Shinies, good inside a bad situation.


Got 4 shinies on my first account and 5 on the other. Most with terrible IV. Only when I got to evolution time did I realize that my preparations for the event should have gone beyond charging my batteries and bringing water – I forgot to work on getting a couple of Sinnoh Stones for each of my trainers, to use for evolving the Gallades. An urgent session of pvp and pve work produced one stone, which I used to evolve this:

And since all my Ralts or Kirlia worth evolving are male, I didn’t get any Gardevoirs with the special move.

But that didn’t make the day a waste, since I did four Rayquaza raids, catching 7, this one being the best of 3 that were worth keeping:


I think it was no coincidence during Slakoth CD at all. I’ve heard multiple reports of the Shiny hatching from Eggs during or just after its CD.


I didnt :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, my numbers:
336 Caught
16 of wich were shiny, 1 with good IVs (15/15/12) so i evolved that into a Gardevoir. When the time comes ill max it and give it a good 2nd attack.
Also got a 98%, 96% and 93% (non shinies) with 15 attack so im pretty future proof on my Gardevoir front.

I think it was a good day. Saw only some Poochyena (our park is a nest but that didnt hinder to much) and yeah a high number of Bulbasaur but there was still plenty left


Just me with the bulbasaur infestation then.
Ho hum, you live and learn.:+1:
I won’t be going back to that park for Community Day in a hurry. Guess I’ll just have to take my chances with the hooligans and drunkards in my local town… 🥺


16 shinies, a 98 wild female non shiny and a 98% lucky shiny on a lucky friend trade. Hatched one shiny with 87 IVs

My wife hatched 2 shinies one being a 98%. It was a good day!


Got 3 shines but imma give my dad one maybe he checked as many as me and didn’t get any


Just an FYI: you can still evolve your male Ralts and Kirlia to Gardevoir (male) without Sinnoh Stone.

You did 4 Rayquaza raids but caught 7, should be the other way around, caught 4 out of 7 raids


This is true, but you CAN evolve a male Kirlia to Gardevoir, too, if you decide. I must admit I haven’t tried since Gallade is available, but both evolve buttons are still shown.
I have one male Gardevoir just for the collection…


Gardevoir can be male though


2 accounts, 4 raids, 7 out of 8 captured.

Thanks for the tip about Kirlia evolution without Sinnoh Stone.


Mine was good for once, 3 Shiny’s, one was a 82%. 2 91% caught and had a 93% ready for evolution.