How was Your Community day


I lived in Hawai’i for 4 years, no seasons. Wore shorts at Christmas and 4th of July.


If your in the wrong states it can be 40+ degrees C at that time of year.


Yep cause winter is in March in Australia


Ahh. Sorry that didn’t occur to me; the concept of summer break is part of memories of school, which are too long ago to register right away.

Doesn’t holiday mean MORE time for leisure and playing, though? Wouldn’t that make summer the BEST time for a redo?


In the summer I usually go on holiday and the places I visit usually are the most rural places ever, even though I expected there would be many PokéStops etc. And I don’t think I’m the only one. So, for me, summer wouldn’t be the best time for a redo. But I have enough Shiny Slakoth to not care if I miss out and it will probably come back in December, too, so I won’t make much of a problem of it if they do a redo this summer. I am afraid I will not be able to participate in both July’s and August’s Community Days, but then it has to be that way.


Summer for me is lots of sun and extra work. For me it has been about 11 years since school. But it still sticks. :wink:


I don’t have the four seasons and


That means it’s not predictable


Just got the in-game announcement confirming that July CD is Mudkip (on July 21), but that the time is 4 to 7 pm local time.


I already couldn’t attend but 4-7pm is even worse. :man_facepalming:t2:


That stinks, especially if Mudkip is one of your favorites. Hopefully the way these alternate between Saturday and Sunday and have their hours vary a bit helps to minimize the number of these that you can’t make.


I’ll be at work July 21, but I’ll still try to catch some.


I’ll be on holiday on July 21st. Not sure what August’s date was again but I’m still on holiday then.


Locally we’ve renamed it to Community Night as It’s dark at 5pm now.

Post your Mudkip Community Day/Night Success/Fail

Starts in 3 hours for me. And may the (shiny) odds be ever in your favour!


considering that i was able to play for just 90 minutes it went very well



Congrats on the good CD experience, and nice shiny Alolan Meowth!.


After evolution:

Got just 2 Shiny’s, evolved one.


This CD was great. More about that in other post. Here is about shinies. I got 6 shinies: 2 male and 4 female.

I even hatched 1 shiny Ralts from 10 km egg! It also had great IV!

Here are shiny evolution lines for Gardevoir and Gallade.


These are my evolutions. I got so many candies that I can evolve 4 more. I will use them to get Gardevoir with fairy moves.
The spawn rate wasn’t so high like on some previous CDs. I got my first shiny after almost 2 hours of play. Until the end I found 4 more and hatched 1. Ralts was weather boosted and I caught several with great IVs. I usually don’t find many Pokemon with good IVs on CD so I evolve my saved Pokemon. So I’m happy this time was different. It should be like this every time. I hatched so many 10 km eggs. In fact, I was getting only 10 km eggs from Poke stops and Gyms. I hatched several Ralts. I fought Team Go Rocket 3 times and got shadow Magikarp, Bulbasaur and Raticate. I also met a new player from my town! He’s level 28 team Instinct. I finally traded Pokemon for my research. We tried to do a tier 3 raid in the end of CD, but the game glitched and it started to rain after that. It was an exciting CD!