How was Your Community day


Feebas everywhere was bad. We definitely didn’t have a do-over.

EDIT: I’m told weather is back up. Can anyone confirm that? My phone is in the other room charging and I don’t want to wake up my husband to check.

EDIT2: Niantic has stated in a tweet that it’s up and running, but were mum on Europe’s potential redo. Needless to say, Twitter is not having it.


Feebas was working as intended. The intended was just cr*p.

@Arem1771 yes its back up. Only 2 hours after CD ended :stuck_out_tongue:


The weather system was broken right from the start here in the UK.
The actual weather was appalling too - cold, windy and very wet.

Mrs celery and I both managed enough for the shiny family - but spawns were waaaaay down on the usual for CD. I took a screenshot in the main town square where I live - which had about 3 critters and zero Slakoth - but it seems water got in my phone or my fat fingers slipped or some mishap or other occurred and it never saved. During the last hour I only saw 3 sloths and none were pink.
All-in-all a day to forget…


You read the comments, People are really pissed, and i think it is nicely formulated…



Re: CD do overs.
Asia Pacific got a do over for the failed Beldum day. We got a second CD the following weekend because of all the server crashes.
Did any Time region have their CD before Asia Pacific as Saturday morning I was playing between 2am - 5am and the game was constantly switching from spinning circle of death to periods you could play. Had to stay out nearly an hour longer to work the Gyms over.


STILL nothing
I swear, if this pathetic attempt at an event happens again on Gible CD…


I was lucky to find 6 shiny Slakoth. The weather was sunny and hot (32 degrees Celsius). I found my first shiny in the first cluster I checked, then nothing for an hour and a half. After that I found five more. I evolved 1 shiny Slakoth into Slaking and 2 regular ones I saved from before. I found only 2 Slakoth with good IVs but low CPs on Community Day. Luckily, I always have some good IV Pokemon that I saved for future Community Days. What I liked about this CD was reduced egg distance. I hatched some great Pokemon. I also did an Onix raid and got a great weather boosted Onix. And as a cherry on top, I found shiny Caterpie! It was a great CD for me.


Makes sense since the weather system got fixed. Nice bunch.


It was good for us. Luckily they turned the weather back on before it started. My son and I did the local Civil War battlefield again. I got 7 Shinies, he got 11. I got my candy total to over a thousand, so now I have a nice Slaking Crew to leave as gym defenders.


It was good just very hot did a lot of driving got 6 shinies and 700 + candies so all in all good day


Weather was nice here. High 70’s-low 80’s. Cruised around battlefield at 10 mph with windows down and sunroof open. I need to get 8.1 km before Monday morning to hit 50 km for bonus. I’ll do that at work tomorrow.


I managed to get seven Shiny Slakoth. The weather was fixed by the time it got to us, but honestly, the highlight was catching a Shiny Onix.


Yeah I caught a shiny Onyx in random encounter like 15 minutes before event started.


Arem1771 bobbyjack8 nice! Congratulations!
I caught 5 in 1.5 hours of kinda looking. I honestly find more shinies when I’m not even trying/caring about finding shinies compared to when I’m looking for shinies.


Niantic has made a tweet that they are going to work on doing something to repair the damage done later this summer. I’m guessing that the weekends to come are already booked for the most part, which is indicative of something big coming if you ask me.


The CD was pretty good here, with a fairly continual spawn of Slackoth (a few with decent IV), plus a few random raids as I walked past gyms having them. (No tier 5, though, and no shines but a few shiny Slackoth.)


I was kind of stuck on Roland Garros yesterday, just out of reach for the lures. 1h before the event ended i got my first and only shiny slakoth.



It’s disappointing to get no Adventure Week shinies, and I’m totally sick of Lileep and Anorith by now.