How was Your Community day


Not always the best, like the dragon pulse ampharos, but always cool


Community Fail here.
I am so glad I’d been prepping for Mamoswine the day Swinub had been released. I would be so angry right now if I was relying on Community Day to get some good ones for elvolution. 145 Swinub and the best IV was 84% from the same location I’ve had my best CD. Only a disappointing total of 3 Shiny. Not bothering with the special move either.


I see more negativity for this CD than i expected.

The extra stardust was great.
Spawns were great.
And the best desicion: its CD move sucked. At first i thought this was a bad thing aswell, but then i remembered i hate exclusive moves. Now atleast i can get another good Swinub, evolve it safely to Mamoswine and give it the best possible moveset.

I didnt get much good IV’s either but thats always gonna be random. Saved my 300 caught Swinub and ill just be trading them away over the next few days/weeks. Might even save me stardust on the luckys i get.

I agree Niantic makes alot of weird desicions but personally i think they have a good grasp on CD now.


Decent day here. Evolved my 100%er & got Ancient Power, caught 250 swinub.
9 shinies including a 96%er, 1 98% non-shiny
XP Gain: 119,865
Stardust Gain: 158,281
Swinub Seen vs Caught (during CD): 256/250 = 97.66% catch rate.


Is best if he has an iced fast move and Ice charger move ancient power is not that good


I had a nice Community Day yesterday. 5 shinies (don’t need more) and a couple good IV ones. (two 96%)

Evolved one Mamoswine before the event and 2 after the event. I didn’t care about the special move. I cared more about the fact I got 10 Sinnoh stones. Finally I caught up with all the Sinnoh evolutions.


I don’t think they are the best. But I like to have them, because I’m a collector and “I want them ALL” :joy::joy:


Respectable job salvaging an otherwise-lost day, @bagguille; hope you recover from that flu soon. I was stuck recuperatin’ at home, too, and managed only to evolve a Mamoswine from the best Piloswine I had in storage.


I hope I’m able to go out in 2 days (my health is more important than PoGo), until then nothing of spins, nor raids.


Get well soon!

I didn’t get to post yesterday, but my Community Day was nice. Not the best one ever, but not the worst one either. I went from 619 Swinub seen / 404 caught up to 799/520 and got the 3 shinies I wanted.
We had great weather (it was sunny - so Swinub was weather boosted), but that also meant that all the snow melted and turned the local park into a big muddy something…
The IVs were quite good this time, the best one I caught was a 98% (15 attack and HP), but the shines were rather bad. I got myself 4 Mamoswine, on 2 of them I added a second charge attack, so that I could keep the CD attack and still have my decent ice attacker.

I also met some new players to exchange trainer codes, did a Palkia raid (got the worst possible one… but I don’t care since I already have a 100%) and gave out some mystery boxes. That’s all I can do to hopefully provide everyone in our group with a shiny Meltan…


Didnt particpate, Arbok had me tied up.


Had the flu too…


I couldn’t play at all because I was riding in a car in the middle of nowhere for the duration of the event. I did manage to get one ancient power mamoswine and 10 sinnoh stones from battling


Was out of town with my wife. We collectively got 30 shiny swinub and caught about 600 total. We both got our stones so overall it was a great success.


Good luck everybody, and may the (shiny and iv) odds be ever in your favour.



Around 160 Treeko for 3 lousy Shiny.
Haven’t IV’d any yet for next part of the disappointment.


It definitely was my best CD since my very first one in July 2018. I caught an insane amount of 19 shinies. Of course, not any of my Treecko had good IVs, but that’s ok since I had saved a couple of very good one that I evolved after the even for the special move.


I arrived on my spot… 30 monutes too early lol

I always come on time, or way too early


Didn’t get shiny or evolve any treeko during cd


I’ll trade you one buddy