How was Your Community day


First world problems! I was happy to get my 6 Shinies even though IVs all stunk. Got a new Feraligator with Hydro Cannon. Hatched all my old eggs. I don’t know what people were expecting but it sure seems like a lot of complaints.:man_shrugging:


8 shinies, highest from a CD so far, I did a Alolan Raichu Raid (someone in our group got a shiny), did a Mawile, and did a shinx raid on the way home with totodiles. Not a shiny shinx tho.


Me too


i agree.


248 seen, 242 caught (97.58% catch rate - the 6 that ran were shiny checks in the last minute of the event) plus a 100% shiny (also posted in the 100% thread).
My 1st “Shundy” :metal:t3::laughing::metal:t3:


And may the Shiny odds be ever in your favour


Ok. Let’s be honest. This community day was insane. Made 6 Mamoswine, got 16 shinies and a regular 100%!


Nice! Mine doesn’t start for 5 more hours.



Why the shiny Swinub is called “ghostnub”? See my ar picture topic


~300 catches.
9 shinys.
ALOT of spawns this time. Not sure if its cause we told people to wait with turning on lures till after the CD started, or that Niantic just gave us much. Either way, very statisfied.

One 100% so far so im not evolving to much yet. made one 1499 Mamoswine with Ancient power for PVP.
Saving the other 5 untill im actually going to need him. Gonna try to get some better/lucky ones untill then.


Maybe Weather Boost?


Between 300-400 caught/checked (there were way too many Swinub to catch, I’ve made screen shots with like 10-15 Swinub on a single place, and this around six times. Once you’re done catching them all another five appear). 7 shiny Swinub with the highest IV being 82%. From the regular catches, the highest IV was 93%, but I already had a 96%, which is a Mamoswine now. 3 Mamoswine, 2 with Ancient Power. A lot of quests done. Was just too late, otherwise I could’ve done a Palkia raid too. Lots of spawns, most likely due to the Lure invation and Weather Boost. Can’t complain. It was a great day. Way better than January’s CD.

See this picture. A LOT of Swinub spawns, as you can see. And one Swinub was cut off and another was already caught before I took this screenshot, because it was a shiny.

Edit: Doubled the amount of Candy from 1000 to 2000. Thanks Valentines event!


Nah, no during the 3 hours sadly. Would have been great for extra stardust. Its Sunny now though… Dat timing :sweat_smile:


I’ve checked all the iv’s of my shinies. Best one: 96%


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I got just four. Don’t need more though. Caught 104, first 3 shiny’s had a catchrate about 1 in 15.


Still waiting for our turn