How was Your Community day


I think the record number I’ve seen one person have is four. Makes me wonder how they keep their eyes on so many phones at the same time…


The person I saw. She taps on eevee on all six phones. Then, for all the ones that aren’t shiny she exits out of all the eevees and repeats :joy: She does not keep her eyes on her tablets at all times.


40 shinies in just two days, wow, awesome


Caught total 12 shinies, most are low IV, but shinies still shinies.


I caught 1 45% IV Shiny. I did get a lot more candy and some stronger CP Eevees so, I’m even better prepared for Gen 4.


After CD hours, I encountered a weather boosted 1456cp Roselia, no shiny, when I caught it, it becomed weather boosted 420cp Seedot, that’s a funny glitch


Okay my eevee days went better than I expected. On day one I arrived and managed to stay in the park for about 2 hours 45 mins before leaving with 7 shinies. Day 2 was slightly worse. We didn’t arrive until an hour into the event. It was really rainy so we stayed for just 1 and a half hours. The last Pokemon to spawn was a shiny eevee though, so I guess we left at the right time. On day 2 I got just 3 shinies, leaving my total at 10. 2 of my friends also took part. One of them could only do day 1 and got 4 shinies. My other friend could only do day 2 and got 2. This game is tough to play in the rain.

Day 1 = 7 shinies
Day 2 = 3 shinies.


Day 1:6 shinies
Day 2:6 shinies
Really happy


To construct a complete list of shinies now:

Pikachu: 12
Dratini: 21
Bulbasaur: 11
Mareep: 11
Charmander: 7
Larvitar: 7
Squirtle: 9
Eevee: 16


How did you get all those shinies?


Capturing them :wink:


I always try and find different places to play for community days purely because i can, and it also allows for me to explore these towns and cities while catching shinies. For my personal best record (Dratini) i used the Pokestop database and found a town relatively near me with a high volume of stops in a small area, sat in a coffee shop because it rained and just caught whatever spawned. For charmander i did it in a large urban area and just got unlucky, and for Eevee i tried it out in a park that had a lot of pokestops. As much as community days are about shinies, also use them as an opportunity to explore new places


Haha Roselia cheered with its Pom Poms and seedot, in love, jumped in front of the Poke ball to save her life.:joy:


41 now :joy:


Only a shiny Flareon and a shiny Eevee are missing on this picture because I got more than 12 shinies.


AND OF COURSE I EVOLVE 10 SHINY EEVEE AND 5 ARE FLAREON AND 5 ARE JOLTEON! I WANTED MY VAPE! :japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre::imp::smiling_imp::scream::triumph::sob: eevee sucks…

Evolving Eevee on Community Day

All mine were under 500 cp except for the devil :stuck_out_tongue:. My worst is 80 cp :smirk:


I had 3 shiny


:sob:You get the legendary vape?


I didnt eveolve them yet