How to handle bad etiquette


There’s this one person in my town who goes around driving in his car for hours on end taking over gyms. I haven’t had a chance to actually speak with him, but it’s very hard to get my daily coins when I get kicked out after only a few minutes.

It seems like he’s either a teenager or college-age kid. I don’t know if he knows it’s bad etiquette or if he’s purposely doing it just to show off. Either way it’s really annoying and I don’t know the best way to handle the situation. I don’t know if maybe I should approach him and just ask him to stop or just start trying to take over my gyms in middle of the night.



It may be bad etiquette, but it’s still fair play. There’s a lot of competition for gyms where I live as well, and the best thing to do is try to spread your influence out to maximize the chances of a Pokemon surviving past midnight.


I dont agree on calling it bad etiquette. He can attack all day long and you can either defend or attack back.
Sure not all of us have the time and the resources to go arround taking gyms all the time, but thats just the way things are. Like @Arem1771 says: its fair game.

You can try asking. I suggest being polite though. If youre not carefull he might target you if he feels you threaten him or are disrespectfull.


It’s possible that he’s just hardcore grinding to get gold medals in those gyms. Once he gets gold, he’ll move on.


Sounds like someone I know :blush:


I agree it’s annoying, but please consider a couple things. One if it has only occurred for a short amount of time I would give it a few days you might give it a few more and see how things pan out. If school is starting soon like it is here, this young trainer won’t have as much free time to battle gyms. Also as mentioned if it just happens to be a gold gyms it might be over as quickly as it started.

If it has been going on for several weeks you might approach the player and kindly ask if they would be willing to let your Pokémon hang out for a couple hours to help you get coins.


I was that person but I stopped doing it when some one asked me to slow down I forget that some people can’t buy coins at the rate I do and thay rely heavily on gyms for coins I may be worth talking to them if it keeps up


If I say something to this person it will surely be polite don’t worry. Also this has been going on for like a year so it’s not just something that’s a short time thing. He’s like level 37 and probably already has gold medals at all the gyms.


Then I would tell him some thing


Talking is always worth a try.
I agree that it’s normal gameplay but it’s not really nice. In our group we silently agreed on not doing so if we can avoid it.

We never had that huge of a problem with people like this, but I remember that one guy (playing Ingress, 4 Mystic accounts and one Instinct account all on one phone) who regularly came to the local park when I was there.
Walking in, I would drop a Pokémon into the gym at the entrance, which would be taken down only several minutes later, sometimes I was lucky to get 1 coin.
I watched for two weeks or so. Then I just did the same to him. He had just taken down our Mystic gym and put his Instinct account in, and on my way back to the office, walking past him, I just took down the gym again, only three minutes after he had taken it. I have never seen him do it after this.


Taking Instinct down is always good.:grin:


Taking down Valor and Mystic is good.


Gives me new battle points on those gyms and an extra 100 points for putting in a Pokemon indeed :stuck_out_tongue:


@AndyPrimeTime is the area you play in fairly dense as in full of poke stops and gyms?

If not, do you often find stuff around that you believe should be a pokestop or gym, but isn’t?

If there is room for improvement with stops and gyms, it may be worth playing ingress for a while until you get to lvl 10 and start submitting places. This can be very beneficial if in pokemon go there is a lot of demand for spots in gyms due to the number of gyms being quite low relative to the number of players as submissions in ingress have a good chance of becoming stops or gyms.

Locally here, we started with 69 gyms in my town and it is now up to about 100 which to some extent allows players to spread out more, so people who get sick of struggling to get coins have more options now.


Well, if the guy goes around on his car, it´s fair play.
Worst is what happens around me: Spoofers are more than ever. Some of them have over 3000 accounts!!! And the names are “joaox1111” “joaox1112” “joaox1234”. When somebody gets a gym, he takes it with another team with a similar name and gets 6 pokemons there. Already tryed to take him down right away, he gets back in less than 5 minutes. Since he doesn´t do this everyday, it´s a gamble. On the 19 gyms i can see from where i work, somedays that have those names and others like “absfrfs8833”, i just ignore the gyms, since he will taking them down right after someone takes them. It´s easy to see him getting a train station on the upper side and taking the supermarket car park at the same time… 2km away. Nobody knows who it is, since nobody ever saw him joining teams of raids but he can be present on level 5 raids with many accounts even that we can´t see anyone more around there, on locations where there aren´t buildings or cars.
So just check when the guy is doing something else and get the gyms.


There’s nothing you can do if he isn’t a spoofer, no matter how unpolite the behaviour is


There are some things you can do to get him to stop If you want to know what they are PM me


I would raid more and get alot of golden razz to protect my gyms.