How to handle bad etiquette


No, they need to raise it to 30 gyms.


That would only give spoofers more of an advantage.


You shouldnt design your program arround a problem. you should fix the problem.


5 is too low to ensure collection of daily coins.
From own experience I’m often in any where from 8-20 Gyms and often get back up to 10-12 of those before 12 so none would collect.
I wouldn’t be adverse to losing the number if the coin collection mechanics was altered.
In addition to the time in I’d like to see coins for putting something in. Still cap the total coins but allow 2 ways of getting that cap.
There would be a lot less angst about being knocked out early if you got 10coins for every one you put in a different Gym to stop the flip flop with multiple coloured accts.


I just make sure I’m in 20 before I go to work. Then try to at least have 15 before I get home. Then I don’t have much work to do the next morning to get back to 20. Today I’m off, and woke up and still had 9. So I brought it back up to 20, now I’m down to 19. No plans to go back out until I go to work tomorrow.