How to complete Mythical Discovery No.5: catch 10 ghost-type pm


What’s the most efficient way? Use incense at night?


i am at that stage aswell my best stratergy to you, is not to try rush it, do everything normal, we used to have a saying here once you want something to happen it not happen and once you dont care and you do what you do without desire to get it that come to you, it called a merfi rule so my best suggestion if you want to find ditto and ghosts, is simply stop looking, and just capture everything on sight and do what you do normally, it will come to you dont worry, you got all the time in the world and good stuffs often take time.


I use insence.


They generally appear more often at night. Though i have on occasion seen them on cloudy days in the morning and afternoon. Incense may not be the best idea what with all the other possible pokemon that can show up. May in fact still be a better option if you don’t want to go search far distances. And it could be worse, they could have made it to find and catch 10 dragons.


churches and grayards + incense.


I would just try to find out if there’s any nests/ spawns close. Though this isn’t such a issue where I am in the uk as shuppet is really common.


I’m gonna try this, thx


Go out when its nighttime ingame. Cloudy helps for spawning gastly (poison type). Shouldnt be to hard to get them. I did a round just now, could have caught 15 shuppet easilly and i wasnt hunting for it.


Thats not how it works, and i would advice AGAINST playing on graveyards…


I got my info directly from PkmMasterHolly. Like i said somewhere else before all my info i post isn’t just from me.


Well if youre rolemodel advices you to run arround playing games in a place ment for grieving, you need a new rolemodel.

From what i gather, shuppets biome is normal grassy areas. Sure graveyards probably fall in that categorie, but any park does aswell. And i can confirm for my own city it just spawns out in the streets. No need to run arround on peoples graves.


Spawns rely on biomes and they really are not that specific that every graveyard is ghost spawn. I love by one and they ever seen to spawn there but do in the centre of town. Where does she get her info? I’ve seen that kinda stuff before but it’s never seemed legit


Not my rolemodel i just saw the video.


My gf dad route is through the graveyard too, sometimes takes me cause there is 3 gyms there and 5 pokestops.

To each their own way of playing. Aslong as your not near anyone or bugging them. Be respectful which is the motto no matter where yo go.


I agree, as long as your respectful it’s still a public area And you have all right to be there. It’s not different from someone just walking though on the way to work or just going to sit in peace.

  • Thats the most gyms near each other its legit a path with 5 gyms. Why be there if you can’t go…just be logical. If that was Ex Raid location then damn thats 40 people at a graveyard :man_shrugging:t5::thinking:


I’m looking at these quests like I’m getting rewarded for doing stuff I’d do normally. Just caught a bunch of ghost types the other day but quests hadn’t started yet. I already know the Ditto quest and having to evolve another Magikarp are going to take forever.


The field quest “throw 3 great catches” that leads to a Pokemon encounter is Gastly. Keep erasing till you get that quest to get ghosts.


image:man_shrugging:t5:i would always listen to someone who has done something i havent if i needed advice rather than just guess. Thats why i joined the forum to learn more​:smirk::man_shrugging:t5:


this one helps a lot, thanks dude