How much Xp do you currently have


Sitting at 15,051,889

Whats your Xp at?


Just under 12,4 million




over 25m


5,724,584. Im really good! :grin:




Whoa that’s pretty good.


Started at the 18th of june. 873.795 xp


Thousand? What level are You?


25, almost 26. in less than 2 months, with holding most Pokémon from evolution for the research tasks…


Awesome… :grin::grin:


29.2 million. Im curious what that will be when the levelcap goes up.


Almost 9 million 8,970,307


Wow! :grin::grin::grin: and @Robdebobrob that’s awesome.






But how…


57.3 million.


But how


How is very easy to answer.
Catch a lot and I mean a lot of Pokemon.
Do a lot of Raids.
Spam evolving.
Do all 3 under lucky Eggs and it all adds up.
And last of all spend quite a few hours playing, some would say too many hours :grinning:

Since reaching L40 I’ve hardly used lucky eggs and only use the bonus ones I get if they are in a box that I buy for the Raid Passes. I only use them to get my bag space back and only on Raids when I remember. Haven’t spam evolved since getting to L40. I should as some of my Candy counts are very high due to not evolving anything.