How much damage can you do to current T5 boss?



Been pouring all Rare Candy into some Groudons. Team has changed but can’t sqeeze anymore out of it.


Time for some Giratina Sims.
Getting more variation on results and teams on Origin Forme than others I run.
Genie already has Shadow Ball as the move too.

Damage Delt




Here is my main and backup team for Latios.

Im a bit unsure if i want to power up that Giratina yet. I want to max 2, but its not gone yet. Dont have enough candys yet anyways so i think ill wait for now. Especially since Latios will be a populair raid so i doubt ill even get to use it, or team 2 at all.

Is the picture distorted for everyone or is that just me? Not sure why thats happening. Looks normal in the preview.


Distorted pic on my work Desk Top @Robdebobrob



cresselia is coming up, so here it is:


Been slack in this thread with little to no interest in Uxie and Mardi Gras Goose.

New Speed Forme of Deoxys Raided today.
Ran the Sims last night to see if I’d go with all Bite/Crunch Ttar or mix it it up.
So disappointed I only got 2 serviceable Giratina when it was out despite chasing them. A full team of good ones would be very damaging while not fainting if farted on like Gengar.


Ran the Sims the day before Armoured Mewtwo came out.


Not quite the result I was expecting when I ran this. Was expecting my Smack Down Ttar to be featuring strongly for some reason.
Teams of these on all the family accts will make very short work of Entie tomorrow.



Finally got this to work. My team is built with multiple weathers in mind considering how crazy the weather has been here, so I had something for Sunny, Partly Cloudy, and Rainy. The Pokemon won’t be brought out in that order though; they’ll be in this order:

Here’s a breakdown of those Pokemon for the team (S/A/D order), all level 40.

Rampardos: 96% IV (14/15/14)
Groudon: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Kyogre: 96% IV (14/15/14)
Gyarados: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Swampert: 98% IV (15/15/14)
Tyranitar (Shiny): 96% IV (13/15/15)


Are you gonna delete that Swampert when you max out Hydro Cannon Swampert?


Just realised my Rampardos was not in Poke Genie. The 76% with 15 Attack was caught at L34 so a cheap spend to evolve and get over 3000cp
2 nights ago I Go Plused a 93% troll 3x 14 at 1200cp so evolved that and dropped a little Dust and Candy on it.
A full team of 6 would give impressive numbers.


If I get another 98% with perfect attack or better, certainly. It’s mainly a Ground-type attacker though.


I’m coming for you Shiny Ray



Time for Water Dud Sim.
I could improve on it by Powering the 98% Raikou I got on Raid Day but I don’t want to be dropping 200K of Dust right at this minute as I’m having more playing around with Shadows atm.


Squeezed some more out of it.