How much damage can you do to current T5 boss?


Pretty cool.
Gyrados is my only option of the two anyway.


Squeezed a bit more out on Groudon. What’s strange is the Ice Blast L40 MewTwo was in Pokie Genie Maxed Out before when I ran all the other Sims and it was never chosen. Now it’s being selected but the bigger IV one with Duel moves of Focus Blast and Ice Beam wont get chosen and Genie only reads the first Move.
I’ve also powered up my 93 15attack Kyogre past the other 91 15attack. Ran short on Candy to max it out.


I’d expect a pretty close solo from someone with maxed out pokemon (not sure how close).
With weather boost and a level cap increase it will definetly become possible.


Capable of doing a duo in Rainy against MS/FB


Squeezed another 0.1 out out of it. Though one of the Gary’s was Maxed but it wasn’t.


I meant solo, but is that too hard? If your pokemon were level 50 in rainy weather (against groudon)


Since 40.5-50 would raise slowly then the solo wouldnt really be close, I doubt you could get over 65% damage
But with Primal Kyogre and Origin Pulse, it seems possible



I would like to do this but don’t want everyone to look weak


Squeezed a little more out on Groudon.


Things might change if Pokeie Genie does an update. This is what it spits out now.
Setting on:
No Friends


whispers hey, change that draco meteor to outrage, it will help.


If I did that I can’t get the Move back and I don’t want to have duel moves on my only 100% Dragonite.
I’ve got the option to Power up my other little 98% Dragonite or a 96 15attack Rayquaza.
I’ve got a bit of a quandary with either. I’d like to keep the 340 Candy sitting with Rayquaza to be ready for Shiny Ray (who am I kidding, as if I’ll get a good IV in Shiny worth Powering up :rofl:)
I’ve got a tone of Candy for the Dragonite but the thought of going 250K under my 2mil ceiling is hard to grasp atm for what real gain?


Isnt that exactly the one you should want to have dual moves on?
Also, the gain for doing this will be arround 10%. Ofcourse you need to decide for yourself if you think thats worth it. Considering ive got 883 Dratini candys and dont need to spend stardust on other counters, im going to do it myself.


Like nothing lol, about 15-20% in half of the time


New Dragon about to arrive so time for some Battle Sims to pick my squad.
I’ve got a 2nd Groudon 98% 14attack like the one that made the team. Interesting that at L38.5 it doesn’t make the cut against the L40 100% Machamps. Need another 45 Candy to take it all the way.


A weather boosted groudon does less damage than a non weather boosted Machamp, that party should be full of fighting type pokemon like Machamp for maximum damage.



What App is that @digitaljdl ?


Calcy IV