How many Rare Candy?


39, thankfully Ive already caught 18/18 Darkrai and Pinaped all of them aside from the 2126CP one, so this bad boy will certainly save me a lot


Got 65 now trying to get back up in the hundreds




The most I’ve ever had at once is maybe 15 … lol … I always use them.


I try and save from new pokemon


Yup. If I ever catch a 100%, I’ll always have the candy to evolve it. Up to 118 now.


612 and a bit of a problem in bagspace.
I was hoping Darkrai would eat a bit more, but ive already dropped 100 candys onto it, got 262 in total and not a single good 1 after 30 raids to up so im holding on to them for now. Really hope we get an interesting boss monday for me to drop candys on.


Currently 313 and counting. I still need to max out Shiny Mewtwo (96%), FOUR Deoxys (three of which are above 95%), Shiny Suicune, Mew, Celebi and Jirachi, so saving up on the Rare Candies!


99, didnt raid in the last 10 or so days