How many Rare Candy?

  1. Do you think I should invest all of them in Meltan?


How good is your Meltan? If you have a Switch or access to someone who has one, I’d just do the Mystery Boxes with Pinap Berries until you have enough otherwise.

Still have 0. They’re going to my Dialga for the time being. After that? Not sure yet.


I don’t have a Switch. I’m stuck with the only Meltan I have. Maybe there will be an event in the future to get more Meltan without a Switch.


Then it does sound like that’s your only alternative to get Melmetal then. Otherwise, I’d hunt down someone that has a Switch and a copy of Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.


Switch will probably be only way to get Meltan except for quest. Not sure if you can trade because of Mythical status. Once Sword and Shield come out, we will probably get new interactive Pokémon.


I believe you can trade Meltan. Meltan was the only exception made to the Mythical being barred from transferring/trading/defending rule.


Oh yeah. I use Melmetal as a gym defender.


Got 57


378, need to think about what the good candidates to put them into




378? That’s a bunch!

Having to free some space in my items bag so often, I feel compelled to convert rare candy to regular candy (which doesn’t take up space) if I build up more than 50 or 60.

Usually still for powering up legendaries, but sometimes to evolve a pokemon for which I need a lot more candy (especially if its buddy-candy distance is large).


Yes, that would take up way too much space in my bag too.


Already did, hoping for lucky friend trade


392 now, I put them into legendary due to its long buddy distance. What are the good non-legendary candidates in your opinion besides those well know meta Pokémon?


I used a bunch to evolve a decent Beldum into my first Metagross awhile before the CD (and then to max it out). I’ve probably used most of the rest powering up a few Mewtwos and Rayquazas

  1. they take up a lot of my bag space but i never trash them in case i ever need them. . . but i still never use them


0 still.
I use mine almost instantly when I get this stuff


Still 0





I’ve been reckless with them before but now I’m going to start saving them for something rare.